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“Working with Daniel, you’re guaranteed to increase your sales and income quickly in the months ahead."
Brian Tracy
Author of over eighty books.
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The most innovative Ai to become a better leader in 90 seconds!

Daniel’s Mind Report gives leaders a scientific strategy for increasing confidence – fast.

It reveals their personality strengths and how to use your emotions to make a change for the better.

This INNOVATIVE technology has given tens of thousands of leaders the confidence to live life on their terms. 

In only 90 seconds, the Mind Report will gives dozens of mindset solutions that are perfect for careers and relationships.

Leaving no doubt as to how to become the very best version of yourself.

"With Daniel it's going to be
bigger and better than ever!"

Over the past 28 years, Daniel has launchedlead, and built million-dollar businesses.

He has delivered more than 10,000 scientific case studies on business leaders, co-led a team of 17,500 cabin crew at Emirates Airlines, and has had more than 25,000 leaders apply his ideas to make an impact.

Within 90 seconds, using new breakthrough technologies, Daniel can show you how to become a better leader!

Microsoft leaders, implementing Daniel's strategies, propelled sales by RM138,000,000.
98 Million
Since seeking guidance from Daniel, Regal Mushrooms has improved its bottom line by $45 million.
$ 50 Millon
Within 12 months of seeking guidance from Daniel, Ray White experienced a 67% increase in income
53 %

When it comes to business, Daniel will have you thinking exponentially in multiples of 10x or 30x instead of just a percentage increase each year.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - Client Testimonial by Sharnee Bennett
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NEW and innovative!

Your audience will feel like a winner!

With Daniel as your guest speaker, your audience is going to be excited to learn about the latest breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence and fascinated by the insights he will reveal into the human mind.

Daniel is not only an Australian Champion Athlete, eXtreme Games competitor, and one of the top sales creators in the country, but he is also an award-winning film producer, coach to celebrities, and billion dollar businesses.

He is also both raw and real. Daniel will tell you that “he went to therapy while the other kids went on holidays“. Through:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Cognitive impairments
  • Epstein Barr Virus
  • Chronic Fatigue and
  • Multiple Reconstructive surgeries…..

He has proven with innovative technologies, you can become a better version of yourself.

Daniel will have your audience excited, full of hope, and having more fun on the journey.

Daniel wants you and your audience to access his Ai technology for FREE!

Daniel’s innovative Artificial Intelligence technology helps business leaders analyze their emotional intelligence and become the very best version of themselves. 

The Mind Report is a new Vocal Biomarker technology that has the ability to analyze emotional frequency in just 90 seconds. 

With Mind Report, you and your audience can unlock the psychology that leads to optimal mental health and unlock their inner potential leading to greater confidence and better decision making.

Are you ready to experience your own breakthrough? 

Daniel is going to put this Ai technology in the hands of you and your audience for FREE!

Daniel will bring an innovation to your platform that will make people line up to listen!

Through 10,000 documented scientific case studies, hundreds of media interviews, and addressing over 30,000 people, Daniel knows how to attract and keep the attention of an audience.

With Daniel on your show, you will personally experience his innovative technology that has impacted more than 1,000,000 lives, and a hot topic that will have your audience begging for more.….

When Daniel speaks, he provides NEW and innovative ideas that make you a better leader!

A Microsoft leader, implementing Daniel’s strategies, propelled sales by an astonishing RM 138,000,000.

Kings Transport, within 90 days, surged from 36% to 86% team utilization, achieving a remarkable $261 million in revenues.

Regal Mushrooms avoided 50 bad hires, doubling revenues to $90,000,000. 

Wearthy’s strategic hires transformed their individual sales from $5,000 to $500,000.

Salmat Australia, adopting Daniel’s system, experienced a 75% surge in monthly revenue within 60 days.

Daniel’s methods will instil in you newfound excitement and hope for a better future.

Become a
in 90 seconds!

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What are you and your audience going to receive?

8 Page Personalised Scientific Report 

After completing your 90-second voice recording, our team of scientists will analyze your data and create a personalized scientific report, along with eight pages of strategies to increase confidence – fast.

Eliminate stress and Gain Confidence 

Daniel will guide you on sidestepping bad habits and getting out of any mental rut you may be stuck in. You will have no doubts about how to eliminate stress and gain confidence.

Achieve Optimal Mental Health 

You will unlock your inner potential and achieve optimal mental health by understanding your Enneagram, a science used by leaders to understand personality strengths and make better decisions.

Become the Best Version of Yourself 

Learn how to quickly balance your body and mind by leveraging your 7 energy centres, and rewire them to become the best version of yourself, promoting physical and emotional health.


Thursday 18th July 2019


8:30am to 5pm


Adina Hotel, Kent Street, Sydney

You've never had a guest like me!​

Daniel speaks on how to become a better leader, sharing skills that can be learned, practiced, and improved.

He show’s his audience how to unlock and improve the parts of leadership that are your natural strengths to make you a more well rounded, balanced, and adaptable leader.

Daniel’s topics focus on new innovative Ai to become a better leader, including:

1. Reduce stress, make better decisions and become more attractive to the world.

2. Put an end to procrastination! Develop your emotional intelligence to become the best version of yourself.

3. Setting goals! The stuff dreams are made of! Join the top 3% of leaders who have clear set goals and earn 10X more than the other 97%

4. Building a winning team! Reduce the risk of a bad hire by 93% and increase retention by 82%.

5. Master the 5 Pillars of Emotional Intelligence so you can outlast your competitors and build a business that runs even when you are no longer there. 

Daniel will also get his innovative Ai technology in your hands for FREE and experience breakthroughs you are unable to achieve on your own.

Have a conversation with Daniel's team today. It's the right thing to do!