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In the world of creativity and personal expression, origami, the ancient art of paper folding, has emerged as a transformative force. This podcast explores the impact of origami on individuals, tracing the journey of those who found solace, joy, and even a livelihood in the delicate folds of paper. From personal experiences to professional success stories, discover how this seemingly simple craft has left a lasting impact on creativity and mental well-being.

About the guest

Ross Symons is the artist and creative entrepreneur behind White on Rice, a brand centered around the ancient Japanese art of origami (paper folding). He specializes in creating digital content for brand campaigns globally, with a focus on stop motion animation for social media, television, and the web. What began as a personal Instagram project in 2014, sharing photos of folded origami figures, quickly evolved into an account with over 100k followers in under 18 months. White on Rice is a business born out of Ross’s fascination with origami and his desire to create something unique and engaging. Join us as he shares his incredible journey on the Leverage Podcast.

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