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🔥 Trademark Basics

🔥 Defending Your Trademark

🔥 Business Strategy and Trademarks


In the world of intellectual property, trademarks serve as distinctive badges of origin, indicating the source of a product or service. The impact of trademarks extends beyond just big brands, playing a crucial role in the value of businesses, even for smaller enterprises. This podcast explores the multifaceted aspects of trademarks, emphasizing their significance, potential risks, and the strategic role they play in a business’s exit strategy.

About the guest

Hayley Tarr is a registered patent and trade marks attorney in Australia and New Zealand. She is also a solicitor in the state of Queensland and a nationally accredited mediator. With the unique combination of qualifications, Hayley founded Tarr Law in 2020. Her extensive experience includes handling cases against notable companies such as Ferrari, Instagram, General Motors, and more. Hayley is a member of the International Trademark Association Women’s Leadership Committee, the Queensland Law Society’s representative to the Attorney General’s Appeal Costs Board, and serves on the Gold Coast Gymnastics Club board. Additionally, she acts as a mediator for the Supreme Court pro bono mediation scheme for self-represented litigants.

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