Perfectionism is a multifaceted beast. It can be the motivation that propels you forward in life and it can be your greatest enemy, causing paralyzing anxiety and depression.

I believe everyone is born to be successful, however as we grow older we are told by our parents and teachers to do things in a certain way – planting those seeds in our minds. In the process of not living up to their expectations we let society convince us that no one is successful by doing anything other than fighting for the top spot in the ladder. Which can only be achieved by working day and night non stop. Many people go through depression when they realize its not working out the way they planned. But how do we overcome this? It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up and move forward.

I am honored to be invited on Business Bros podcast, to share my story and personal account of business failures, perfectionism and depression and anxiety.

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