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Daniel Tolson has the practical ideas you need to go from good to great fast.

You'll learn how to eliminate Fears, Doubts & Limiting Beliefs, so you can make the most of every opportunity.

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... enabling them to Unleash New Income Levels

... Increase your confidence by eliminating those limiting beliefs

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The Opportunity

🔥  Daniel Tolson will share stage with you, entertaining your audience and inviting his network of more than 20,000+ business people and serious professionals aged between 35 & 55 to learn more about you and your mission.

🚀  Daniel will educate your audience on the science of Emotional Intelligence and share more than 10,000 case studies of successful people including celebrities, self-made millionaires and billion dollar businesses.

❤️  When requested, Daniel can also share the opportunity for all of your audience to receive a copy of one of his popular books, thousands of dollars worth of FREE trainings and if you are game, the opportunity to use his latest Science or Artificial Intelligence technology so you or your audience can experience the power of it first hand.

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... Daniel is the author of 13 popular business books

... and 5,500+ case studies into Emotional Intelligence

... The worlds best also recommend Daniel

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... Daniel has one of those "why haven't we heard about this guy yet" stories

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... and addresses tens of thousands each year

... Daniel is a regular feature in the world press

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