The one thing all businesses fear is...

Hiring the wrong people.

Over the past 25 years, I have launched, managed and helped turn around million-dollar businesses!

I have delivered more than 10,000 scientific case studies on top performers, co-led a team of 17,500 cabin crew at Emirates Airlines and have more than 20,000 business people applying my ideas.

And within seconds using science I can show you how to identify the right person, for the right job, the first time.


Live your dream life
Lead your people to victory
Leave a legacy


1,000,000 businesspeople
unleashing new income levels.


To teach 1,000,000 businesses how to catapult their INFLUENCE,
accelerate their IMPACT
& unleash new INCOME levels.


It is my BELIEF that
every business FEARS
HIRING the wrong people!

Have you ever suspected someone stealing from your business?

In 1997 I received a telephone call to tell me tens of thousands of dollars were missing from our business. 

When I arrived at the business, I found the police investigating one of our employees and a customer.  

And that moment changed our lives forever

After years of employment, he had broken our trust and allowed a customer to access our cash reserves

And this made me realize we didn’t have a system in place to attract and keep the right people. 

So we fired our employee and decided to run the business as a family. 

But we were working all the time, and it impacted our health. 

We were tired, so we tried hiring again, but we couldn’t find the right people. 

And then …. the turning point came… 

When my mom started having heart problems, she went to the doctors, they performed blood tests and said….. Mrs Tolson, there is nothing wrong with your heart ……..

It is all in your head! 

and they referred her to a psychologist who said she was having panic attacks. 

How could this happen? 

We had started a business to …. achieve time and financial freedom… 

And shortly after my mom was having panic attacks and was unable to run the business. 

So we thought about selling it ….. 

But it was not saleable because there were no people to run it

And the truth was …. our business did not turn out as expected because we didn’t have systems to attract and keep the right people! 

We needed to shut it down and start all over again….. and

I was confused about what we’d been through … and wanted to know what we were missing?

So I went in search of other successful people. 

I went looking for people who could help me understand business and how to become successful. 

I started working with Emirates Airlines in Dubai, co-leading a team of 17,500 people

And I found a few mentors like Brian Tracy & Dr Tad James.

And they taught me about the importance of attracting and keeping the right people, and in a short period of time, and then I found a system. 

But I wanted to make sure that I just didn’t get lucky.

So I tested the system with my family and friends, and they started attracting the right people to their business.

I then travelled the world working with experts to understand the science behind this system.

And when I mastered it, I started giving it to other businesses, and it worked consistently for everyone that applied it. 

After completing 10,000 scientific case studies and training more than 20,000 clients….. 

I am proud to implement what is now known today as the Hire Sense™ System. 

And because of this system, my client working in a leadership role at Microsoft generated an additional RM 138,000,000 in sales. 

Kings Transport implemented these ideas and, within 90 days, increased their team utilization from 36 to 86% and now has revenues of $261 million. 

Regal Mushrooms avoided more than 50 bad hires, which helped increase revenues from $45,000,000 to $90,000,000 

Wearthy has recruited high-performing engineers, architects and a General Manager, which have helped grow their average sales from $5,000 to $500,000. 

And Salmat Australia increased their monthly revenue stream by 75% in 60 days using my ideas.

And using this exact system, I have launched, managed and helped turn around thousands of businesses!…

to be featured in more than 100 media outlets 

Recognised as the #1 business coach

Featured on international television coaching celebrities 

Training groups of up to 1,000 people at a time

and have achieved my goal of having the systems in place to attract and keep the right people.

And I believe ….. every business can apply this system to attract and keep the right people

25 Years


25 Years Coaching
This year Daniel celebrates 25 years of coaching and leaving his legacy through more than 17,500+ business people at his live and online events!

World Masterclass


The day before the world locked down!

'Danger' is his middle name. 100% committed to his craft Daniel coached 350 business people in Malaysia how to Unleash New Income levels.

12 hours later the world locked down!



X-Wealth Taipei

Fears, Doubts & Limiting Beliefs are the only thing standing in your way! Daniel coached 1,000 business people how to unleash their potential!

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2018 - BX with Matt Alderton & Ita Buttrose


Ita Buttrose and Matt Alderton

Sharing the stage with two of Australia's most successful business people at the annual Bx conference.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2017 - Coaching Clients with 5x Income


Recognition to Our Coaching Clients

These dedicated people have increased their income by up to 500%, increased their emotional quotient by up to 166%, and have repeatedly broken through mental and emotional blockages.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2017 - The Business Breakthrough Manchester UK


The Business Breakthrough Manchester

More than 50 of Great Britain's most successful young business people.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2017 - The Tolson Institute Coaches UK


The UK Division of The Tolson Institute Coaches.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2017 - Tolson's Thirteen


Welcoming "Tolson's 13" to The Tolson Institute!

We grew our coaching team in the United Kingdom with 13 new Business and Success Coaches. This brought us to a total of more than 44 coaches in our team across the globe.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2017 - The Business Breakthrough Australia


The Business Breakthrough

Training our Australian clientele in Emotional Intelligence strategies.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2017 - Group Coaching UK


Servicing our clients in the UK.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2017 - Sharing My Success Story


Sharing my success story with the press in San-Diego.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2017 - Top 1% Business Coach


Rookie of the Year

Recognised in the top 1% of Business Coaches globally.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2017 - Growing Family


My MVP's

Nini (5 months pregnant), Nakita and Mui Mui. Our British short hair cat stayed home this day.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2017 - Outperformed 200+ Other Coaches


Out of a room of +200 of the most successful Business Coaches in the world, I delivered my Emotional Intelligence training in 2016/17 more than all of them combined.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2017 - The Sucess Breakthrough Taiwan


The Success Breakthrough Taiwan

This was an excellent opportunity to share NLP and Time Line Therapy™ techniques with businesspeople wanting to enhance their Emotional Intelligence.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2016 - Eat That Frog! in Birmingham UK


Nini and I showing businesspeople in Birmingham how to use NLP to increase Emotional Intelligence.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2016 - John Macgrath


John McGrath

Sharing the stage with Australia's most successful Real Estate Agent.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - Bx 2016 (2)


Bx 2016

This was an amazing opportunity to share my knowledge with +700 positive and optimistic business owners in Sydney.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2016 - Eat That Frog! in Farnborough UK


Eat That Frog! in Farnborough, U.K.

Nini and I showing businesspeople how to double their productivity, performance and output. Based on the best-selling book by Brian Tracy.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2016 - Eat That Frog! in Manchester UK


Eat That Frog! in Manchester, U.K.

42 business people shown how to double their productivity, performance and output. Based on the best-selling book by Brian Tracy.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2016 - Sydney Coaching Workshop


The Success Breakthrough Sydney

Showing businesspeople how to eliminate mental blocks, self-limiting beliefs and go after their dreams.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2016 - Brian Tracy & Ib Moller


Brian Tracy and Ib Moller

The Tolson Institute officially partnered with these titans of business, and became powered by Brian Tracy's system.



The Cadet Program

Launched and designed to develop the best NLP coaches on the planet.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2015 - Salmat Business Coaching Win


One of my big, early wins as a Business Coach

"We had a 75% increase in revenue in 60 days after coaching with Daniel Tolson"
— Salmat Australia

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2014 - The Success Charity


The Success Charity

Launched as my way to give back to aspiring businesspeople who've been held back by disabilities.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2014 - Authored First Book


Authoring my First Book

"The Five Principles of Success. A Business Owners Proven Path to Enhancing Performance, Overcoming Obstacles and Making More Money."



The Launch of Real Estate Agent Rescue

The end result: countless real estate agents doubled their performance and income.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2013 - Behind The Lipstick


Airline Cabin Crew Training

Born from my personal experiences in the air travel industry, over 1500 cabin crew were trained online using my proprietary "Behind The Lipstick" system.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2013 - Drs Tad & Adriana James


Drs. Tad and Adriana James

I officially partnered with these two amazing individuals, and continue their legacy by certifying businesspeople in NLP, Time Line Therapy™ Techniques and NLP Coaching.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2012 - Last Emirates Flight


My last flight with Emirates Airlines.

As a Senior Flight Steward I co-lead a team of 17,000 cabin crew from 136 nations.

My daily duty was to lead, coach and deliver a 5 star service at 40,000 feet, inside a $450 million aircraft with up to 420 customers.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2012 - Dr Edward DeBono Certification


Certified by Dr Edward DeBono as an Effective Thinker.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2011 - Got Married!


I married my Sweetheart.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2010 - Founded The Tolson Institute


The Tolson Institute was founded in Dubai.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2010 - Life Coach Certification


Although I'd coached wakeboarding since 2016, I achieved my first official coaching certification in 2010.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2009 - Dhaka Project Charity


My second date with Nini

Doing charity work at The Dhaka Project in Bangladesh with my dad.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2009 - Emirates Peer Support Group


Working inside of Emirates Airlines to assist victims of trauma move forward.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2009 - Daniel & Nini


The first time we met, I knew Nini was the girl for me. And she is so cute that it should be illegal.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2008 - Emirates Airline


Joined Emirates Airlines in Dubai

I worked up to a position where I co-Lead a team of 17,000 cabin crew from 136 nations until 2012.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2007 - Relaxing in Dubai



The place I would call home for the next five years.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2007 - Professional UAE Wakeboarder


I became the first professional wakeboarder in the U.A.E. Coaching the locals, expatriates and international media how Aussies do water sports!

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2006 - Wake Magazine Cover


Wake Magazine Covershot

This was one of my most satisfying moments in the sport, and was a culmination of years of training and dedication.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2006 - Rail Slide


Backyard Practice Session

Just a few minutes after this photo, I hit the land and busted up my ankle. This was 6 weeks out from the Australian Championships. The whole time I was healing I used neuroscience visualization techniques to picture my success. I went on to win and become Australian Champion.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2006 - Best-Selling Wakeboard Movie


Wake.com.au Annual Awards

Recognised for the best-selling wakeboarding movie of 2005/06.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2006 - Daniel Danger Tolson


Wakeboarding State Championship

This was the 3rd time I won the State Championship for wakeboarding. I was known as Daniel "Danger" Tolson, and my style and flair on the water were unique.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2005 - The Tolson Brothers


The Tolson brothers compared to the Cohen Brothers in movie production.

With the successful release of our 3rd movie we began to capture the attention of the Australian media.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2005 - Wakeboard Modelling


Always in the magazines for my unique style on and off the water. Mullets were all the rage this year.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2004 - Rail Jam


Liquid Malisha Rail Jam

Taking wakeboarding "to the streets" with our portable Rail Jam. In the following years, we entertained +25,000 Australians at events on the East Coast.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2002 - Hometown Hero


Penrith Star Sport

Home town hero! Ready to take on the world's best at the Wakeboarding World Championships.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 2000 - Liquid Malisha


Co-Founded Liquid Malisha

Our apparel and accessories were stocked in more than 50 retail outlets across Australia and also shipped internationally. This was my first real attempt at starting a business.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 1996 - Waterskiers News


The Coaching Journey Begins
Waterskiers News. At this stage I'd already been identified for my ability to coach.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 1995 - Daniel's Debutant Ball


Off to the Debutant Ball. Any excuse to get suited up!

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 1994 - Hawkesbury River


Life on the Hawkesbury River.

Little did I know but my passion for waterskiing and wakeboarding would grow into a career and multiple businesses over the next 15 years

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 1983 - Daniel & Santa


That is me on the left, raised in the western suburbs of Sydney, was an education in its self.

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - 1980 - Daniel & Mum


Born In Windsor, Australia.

My parents are from a lineage of farmers and street smart business people who have dominated business in our region for more than 60 years.

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