Podcast Interview - "More Than A Clairvoyant" with Katrina Jane, Nini Tolson & Daniel Tolson

Podcast Interview – “More Than A Clairvoyant” with Katrina Jane, Nini Tolson & Daniel Tolson

Our guest today is a down-to-earth, ‘out-of-the-box’ clairvoyant medium, multiple times award-winning author, inspirational speaker, teacher and thought leader – who is dedicated to guiding you through this experience called life!

And today, she is going to show you how a clairvoyant medium can help you overcome self-sabotage.

Learn more about Katrina: https://www.katrina-jane.com/

Learn More about Daniel Tolson & Nini Tolson: https://mentaldetox.com.au/stop-self-sabotage/

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Podcast Transcript


Daniel Tolson  (00:01):

Ladies and gentlemen, good morning, good afternoon, and good evening. Our guest today is a down-to-earth out of the box Clairvoyant medium multiple time award-winning author, inspirational speaker, teacher, and thought later who is dedicated to guiding you through this experience called life. And today, she’s going to show you how a clairvoyant medium can help you overcome self-sabotage. So please put your hands together and help us welcome to the Mental Detox Podcast, our good friend, Katrina Jane. Welcome.

Katrina Jane (00:36):

Well, I’m very impressed with myself with that incident.

Daniel Tolson  (00:43):

From, from stoking you, from going to your Facebook pages, your website. This is just a fraction of what we could have put.

Nini Tolson  (00:52):

Yeah, and we went to your website and I say to Daniel, we need to get this lady on our show. I know that you have been a lot in your lifetime. You know, you were adopted. Yes. Parents separate at age five your father committed suicide when you were 15 how did you manage to overcome those obstacles and achieve such a grace? IS is a phenomenal story.

Katrina Jane (01:19):

It’s a huge story as I, you know, I think that’s just a few of the things that have happened to me in my lifetime. But out of all of that, you know, I’m a firm believer and I’ve come to believe like this, this is not something that you instantly know. Everything is a process in life. But one of the main things that I’ve learned is that we too often focus on what our lives should be like as opposed to accepting what our lives actually are.

Katrina Jane (01:49):

And I think we create a lot of angst within ourselves because we’re not meeting some invisible criteria that we think we should each, you know, be achieving and we’re comparing ourselves to other people and they will come in a completely different path to you and to me and to everybody else. And having said that, I’m not saying people should just sit in and go, Oh, well this is my life, so be it. I’m not going to do anything now. Just suck it up. You still improve yourself, but you don’t have that. Oh, poor me. It’s not fair. Life’s, you know, why is life treating me like this? And yeah, I’ve been through some horrendous things in my life, but if I hadn’t have gone through all those things, I wouldn’t be who I am today. And I would not in any way, shape or form turn around and say, I wish that hadn’t happened.

Nini Tolson  (02:38):


Katrina Jane (02:39):

Because it hadn’t happened. Who, who, who would we be? And, you know another thing that I have found and that I had to stop doing myself is to accept that whatever decisions I have made in life, I made them to the best of my ability at that point in time. You can’t Arbonne if only I had, only because you know, you didn’t know. You know, things as you go along and you get, Oh, I’ve only had to make that decision, but you made the best decision at that point in time. And you just have to accept that’s it. You can’t beat yourself up for them. You know, you’ve got to learn from mistakes if you’ve made a mistake and go, well, okay, I went out with that decade, you know,

Katrina Jane (03:25):

Much better than what I used to. I’m learning from those mistakes. You know, I’m learning from them. And you know, one of the hardest things I personally have ever gone through is, is depression. I was actually suicidal about four years ago and you know, for anyone who has suffered depression, and I know you doesn’t go into this hole, and it is so hard to get out of it, but the one thing I did was I sought professional help. First thing you do, go and seek professional help, talk to people, talk to a professional, because I know we don’t want to burden our friends and family, but they also don’t really know how to help Jimmy. Whereas a professional can go, okay, you need to take this step, or you need to do this, and how about you look at things differently was our friends are kind of go, Oh no, everything’s fine. You’re going to be fine. You know?

Daniel Tolson  (04:13):

Yeah. It’s like taking financial advice from your Uber driver who’s trying to Bitcoin. I don’t ask my doctor about marketing advice.

Katrina Jane (04:25):

Yes. You know, but I ended up in the grips of depression. I actually sat down, went right, I need to learn from this. How do I get out of this? So like I said, I sought professional help and I’ll work damn hard. And I read and I learned and I experienced and I just, every day I just wake up and go, I’m okay. I wasn’t okay. I was an absolute mess, but I’m okay. It’s going to be okay. I’m going to get through this. And I said that to myself like a thousand times a day. And then one day I was sitting on the lounge and I went, okay, I’ve got this. And I went, you know what? I actually think I am accounting. Oh, I’m actually on the other side of that, you know, and climb climbing out of that hole. But again, I would never, ever, ever go, I wish I hadn’t gone through that.

Daniel Tolson  (05:11):

Hmm. We, we had a client of ours on the mental detox podcast last week, Martino. And something that you said at the stop, they was just in alignment with what she had been through. Her family had compared her results against the results of her. Is your dad in the room?

Speaker 4 (05:28):

Yeah. [inaudible]

Daniel Tolson  (05:33):

The spirits have arrived. Parents had compared her results against her brothers and sisters, but they were 10 years older in [inaudible] as the child. She never felt that she’d ever achieved enough. And I just love how you’ve put it there. We can’t compare ourself against each other. We are not on the same path. It doesn’t matter if we’ve got the same goal, not on the same path.

Katrina Jane (06:01):

That’s what I’ve had. Different experiences. And you look at your brothers and sisters and how you view childhood and how you view your childhood will be different to how they view their childhood even though you’ve had technically the same childhood.

Daniel Tolson  (06:14):

No. And my brother, we had to wear Dunlop volleys because that’s where mom and dad would budget budgetable and so he, he never got Reebok pumps. So as a 40 year old man, he’s constantly buying Reebok pumps. I never got the Reebok pumps. And I said, well I had done a lot volleys and they were fine because all I remember my foot grew so fast that I needed a new pair every six months.

Katrina Jane (06:35):

That’s it. That’s it. That’s absolutely right. That’s right. Jameela and that’s different experiences cause we’re all different people. We all have different energies. And our purpose in this life is all different. I think that’s such a good reminder to a lot of us. You know, even to me, cause I’m in some way I kind of competitive in, I dunno. Like I always compare myself to my husband. That’s really fun. Yes. Very similar position. Like doing the business. And I always like, Oh what if I didn’t do good enough as my husband? And then that’s really, you know, beat me up and then you’ll go sometime remind me, he’s like, don’t compare yourself to me cause we had different levels. So I think when you say, I think that’s such a good reminder to, to us and to our audiences as well. Yes. And even though, even though if you were both at exactly the same level of business experience and everything, you would still both do it your individual way, Jimmy. Like everybody has a story to bring to the world and it doesn’t matter if people go, Oh, I’ve heard it before, but you haven’t heard it from, from me. Yeah, we had [inaudible].

Daniel Tolson  (07:46):

We have a friend in a client named Lincoln in us and when he was in his late teens, he jumped in the water land, the headfirst, almost broke his neck. He went back to the beach, jumped in the water head first, broke his neck and now he’s in a wheelchair. And I would have learned more from Lincoln than he ever learned from me because he’s come and taken my courses. But I look at him and I think, what’s, what a great sacrifice you have made for our soul group or this group that’s going through life together to be able to learn resiliency from you, to be able to learn to, you know, get knocked down and to get back up in your own mind to keep moving forward. And I look at him and I go, wow, I’ve learned so much from his experience. I’m glad it didn’t happen to me, but thank God I can learn from him and to totally different experiences. And he takes it just as part of his life’s journey. He rolls with it and it doesn’t seem to bother him. I think other people have more of a problem with it than he does at times. He’s just like, well, that’s my life path. That’s my journey. I’ve got to deal with it.

Katrina Jane (08:47):

But say he’s doing that thing. It’s like, well, you know, I might’ve thought my life should be this way and now it’s not. But that doesn’t mean that what I’ve got now is worse. Who knows what could have happened to him if he hadn’t had that accident?

Daniel Tolson  (09:01):

Absolutely. Absolutely. Now, one of the things you say is that everyone is wondering what’s their next step in life and what should it be in what we say here is that you often talk to people about their health, their career they love and their finances. And sometimes you speak to people who are just simply grieving. And they can’t cope from the work that you’ve done. Can you share some insights on how you work with people as a clairvoyant medium and to help them addresses some of these challenges including self?

Katrina Jane (09:32):

Sure. Well firstly when you have a reading with me, if you’re having a telephone or Skype already, it’s exactly about what we’re doing here. It’s just a chat. Well that’s how I said it. It’s not this big spooky thing. It’s just a chat. And I met two before that smacks you over the back of the head. Cause that’s what a lot of people need. They don’t want to like listen to the friends and family. You know the Uber driver. Sometimes you want someone who’s got no idea of your life in a sense. And you can sit there and go, so why are you doing XYZ all the time? They’ll go, Oh like how do you know that? You know? And ah, yay. Okay. You know that what you’re doing is a habit or you know what you’ve done is because you know your parents did XYZ.

Katrina Jane (10:16):

And I can actually point it out to them. That can actually stop and listen, you know, and they all, it gives them just that bit of clarity because it’s coming from somebody they don’t know. And I’m not just going to give people, and I’ll say this up front, I don’t always tell you what you want to hear. I give you what I’m being told to tell you. So don’t come to a reading thinking great. She’s going to tell me I’m going to be a famous singer and then I’m going to, you know, be a multibillionaire. And it’s like, no, I’ll say, we’ll actually know, you know, X, Y, Zed. And sometimes people don’t like that.

Daniel Tolson  (10:47):

Well, I, I know that’s true for ninny because here in Taiwan, she will always go down to the Buddha praise after last, the Buddha for the blessing. And I watch her, she’ll ask for the blessing and if the Buddhist says no, she quickly picks up red plates, the prayer throws it. If she gets another no, the body tenses up. And then she goes, Hey, let’s go three times. Okay. And then she says, let’s go with that. Let’s go to the next temple. And she’ll go to the tutee, gone the Buddha down the street and he’ll tell her no, no and no. And then I’ll say, does the Buddha Cape laughing at you?

Katrina Jane (11:27):

Look, I’ve done the tarot card, I pull a tarot card for myself, we’ll pull out a card. I don’t want that one. Shuffle the cards, pull out the side cabinet. Don’t want that one. Stop all I want. But it’s the message. But the other thing I think too, just in regards to so that, that can be, do it with everything I said, I have done readings for people where have literally sat down and done in a type of business plan for them. I’ve got do dah dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. Do you got to do this? You gotta do that. This is what you got to do first or you know, you want a really quick funny story. I had this lovely young guy come to, he was built, he was built, it’s probably like 1920s coming for this rating. And we go into the Reddit and I’m going, how do I discuss this? You know, and so I put, cause I record the reading and I tend to recorder on pause and I went, is your mom gonna listen to this anyway? Yeah, probably. I said you want to be a male prostitute, don’t you?

Katrina Jane (12:30):

Well I think you and you might want to go in together.

Speaker 5 (12:33):

Oh man.

Katrina Jane (12:37):

Talking to me about this. Look, I have to give you this information because I can’t dictate what I get given, but I’ll refer to it as, as a male prostitute. It’s going to be referred to as the business. So you can tell you about, it could be any business that you want to think of that it’s, so I had to sit down to this whole business plan as a male prostitute. What he needed to do in life. It’s been around for 6,000 years, just like pawn broking in and our family was in the pawn broking business 30 feet up the road. She’s making money. So should we just with a self sabotage in a slightly different context when we lose somebody that we love, we can always beat ourselves up. Your white, you know, especially if say suicide or, you know, why wasn’t I there for them?

Katrina Jane (13:32):

Why didn’t I say I should have done this more? I didn’t realize that my dad was gonna die of a heart attack. I should have. And again, you start doing this. So the beating up this constant thing and being able to connect with loved ones in the spirit world allows people to have that bit of closure. And I think that’s really important. You know, that do, we can stop doing that. And one thing I always mention to people is that once we’ve died, we’re actually not human anymore. We don’t have, we don’t think like humans Jemaine goes, we’re not, we’re just the spirit, you know? And so they in a spirit, well they’re not, how dare I have died or why did this happen to me? They go, Oh, okay. That’s the way it happened. They’ve got that philosophy of that was the life. Nah, shit, I didn’t learn that lesson.

Katrina Jane (14:18):

I’m going to have to come back and do that one again. You know? But they just don’t have that attachment to things they don’t like seeing us grieving, you know, and really upset and not being able to move on. But again, for us, that’s our journey and it’s a, you know, do we do it, learn from it or do we come back and do it all again? I agree. I think sometimes people are very joyful when they crossover mortgages and take care of the credit card. I don’t have all that human stuff to worry about. No more. Starting the day at nine and finishing.

Daniel Tolson  (14:52):

At five and working for the week.

Katrina Jane (14:57):

Yeah. I can just pop in and scare the bejesus out of all my family, annoyed them on my nose. That’s all. Go up and do talks. Your live show is not going to sound go, Oh my God, dad’s around the country now. I know that. How, how could our friends and the follower work with you to stop, sell, sabotage, improve their lives? I know that going gonna book you again after we have articles that follow us, you know, how could they do to work with you two steps. Absolutely. Yeah. Well, you can book it. I do email, reading’s telephone, Scott. I’ll do it. A number of different types of breedings. So you pick whatever you want. The main thing is you’ve got gotta be open to the information that’s given you. Like I said before, you can’t be closed off and think, okay, I want to fix this. Okay, I want to fix my weight problem. Right. Well first you’ve got to stop putting shit in your mouth. No, no, I don’t want to have to do that.

Katrina Jane (15:55):

Take some responsibility in your life and be willing, willing to make the change. You’ve got to be really, really wanting to do it. Otherwise it’s just going to be another file thing that you’ve tried. Okay? So if you’re self-sabotaging in any area of your life, I can give you guidance and I can give you information that’s outside the square that you might not even have thought about. You know, an example is I did a reading for a guy and he was a helicopter pilot and he wanted to get out of that industry. And I just said to him, okay, so what do you want to be in? And he goes, well, I don’t know, I’m just, you know, all I know is being a helicopter pilot. And I said, no, you need to sit down and write all your skills, but you can, you know, quick thinking you’ve got it, you know, and all the skills that you need to be a helicopter pilot.

Katrina Jane (16:40):

And then you take that and go, okay, what else can I do that incorporate, sorry skills. And even I didn’t even think of that cause he’s just, we’d come, yo, I can’t see the forest for the trees. I’m just so focused on I am a helicopter. That’s all I can do. So that’s what I do is I’ll go, why aren’t you doing this? Or why aren’t you doing that? And yeah. And they’ll go, Oh, people go, Oh my God, yay. Okay. I never thought of that debate. And it’s just helping you think outside the square.

Daniel Tolson  (17:11):

Beautiful. I love it. So for the people who want to book in a reading with you, I’m going to your website, Katrina hyphen jane.com they can learn about what you do, why you do it, and where to book in, and we highly recommend it. I know that ninny will quickly get out.

Katrina Jane (17:31):


Daniel Tolson  (17:31):

Maybe she’s already booked it in, she hasn’t.

Katrina Jane (17:35):

Not yet.

Daniel Tolson  (17:36):

But she will say, I could try to. Thank you so much for sharing your time, your energy, your insights, and for our clients now follows on fringe head over there now and you can see that she’s not just another Playboy and she’s more than a clairvoyant. Then you’re going to get some great insights. So we appreciate your time.

Katrina Jane (17:52):

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for having me. I really appreciate it. My pleasure. And we’ll talk to you shortly. Have a great day.