In this episode of Win Sales Now, Rob and Daniel sit down with Mario Bekes and discuss what it takes to build out a profitable and valuable network that yields results for years to come.

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Robert Brus 0:09
Welcome to Win Sales Now and Go All In! I’m Robert Brus.

Daniel Tolson 0:13
And I’m Daniel Tolson

Mario Bekes 0:14
And Mario Bekes.

Robert Brus 0:16
Hello everyone

welcome to the show as you know Win Sales Now is all about a winning new business and hearing some tips and tricks here in these interviews that you can apply to your business straight away so we got a really special guest with Mario here today you’re going to love his background. It’s pretty incredible. It’s bit of a spy thriller episode is going on. This is your first time here Welcome. It’s great to have you. This is a super exciting first episode to arrive at this channel and if you’re back for more Welcome back, make sure you hit that subscribe button give us a thumbs up and ring that bell as well. Why don’t you do the intro therefore is Daniel because it’s our own Chronicles is

Daniel Tolson 0:57
a very important introduction then I’ve got to get it wrong. Here we go. So our guest today is the former head of security intelligence section to the Croatian government, trained by multiple investigation intelligence services around the globe. In the author of a book I books no less. That’s a lot. That’s a little

Mario Bekes 1:18
work. It’s also writing on English.

Daniel Tolson 1:21
Now, over the past 30 years, he has conducted investigations in the Department of Defence, and investigative intelligence, and interviewing techniques. And tonight, Mario is going to talk to us about social engineering, and also how to create highly profitable network. So Mariana

Mario Bekes 1:39
Thank you for having me. My pleasure.

Robert Brus 1:40
Welcome, happy, happy. You might be wondering why we have an intelligence officer on the wind sales now show of all things it seems a little bit abstract. But when you hear some of the things that Mario is going to say, you understand really quickly why this matters so much. We’ve just done a couple of episodes around social intelligence. Emotional intelligence. And I think this is kind of bringing it full circle bringing it all the way around and seeing some physical and practical applications of to it. So why don’t we get into it? What do you got?

Daniel Tolson 2:10
Well, personally, it started off with frustration. When we start businesses, we have all these good friends and family side was when you start your business, all last support you 100% correct. And all of a sudden, we go to market with our product and service in IL ID. And we can’t make sales. And we can’t make sales because we don’t have relationships, and we don’t have report. So we start to ask people for referrals and recommendations and introductions. But one of the limitations in our culture is that we don’t refer other people business. So we have to learn new ideas on how to get these referrals because it’s not who you know, it’s who other people know. And it’s how do you get in that circle. And Mario is an expert in this field, and I’ve been watching him and I go to the city and I watch him. I go to meetings, and I watch He’s connected not to hundreds but thousands of people. And not just in Australia. There’s networks developed all over the globe. And every time I go somewhere, Mario introduces somebody to me in the next minute, they’re my customer. And I want to know what he’s doing. And I want to get inside his head so we can take

Unknown Speaker 3:21
it was it there’s not much going on inside that signed a nondisclosure agreement.

Robert Brus 3:27
What’s the secret? What’s the secret to building a good networkers? Let’s get straight to it. Because the people that are watching they want to know straight away what’s Is there a secret,

Mario Bekes 3:36
down to secrets, the secrets, I’ll say something from my personal experience. First of all, I have a dream, like when I have my business, very successful business. However, when I start a business, I need to meet your people. But when I meet the people who don’t meet them in networking groups, and it was devastating experience number one, everybody says same thing. And everybody introduced himself to And it’s all this you know game of attraction seduction destruction you know if somebody doesn’t like you is going to fail you somebody who likes you He will not deal with you not because he likes you but because he likes you that so much of these likes that you’re so handsome more simpatico and amino, you know I’m particle whatever you want to call. But the bottom idea is that only 14 groups you will just number in the group in the head and that group doesn’t benefit nobody. So personally I to my experience I said like Walmart you can do better. After first humiliations select let me apply my skills from intelligence field.

Daniel Tolson 4:41
Why I need to talk to the

Unknown Speaker 4:42
person I want to grow my network I want to be introduced and want to introduce to somebody else now. All the skills I apply is basically social engineering, showing the interest to somebody last spoke in So hi Daniel with me my Smile. What are you doing dialogue, you know? And then you know, Donna says, like, you know, maybe like it doesn’t like it. And he’s known as Queen Oh, in his room. So usually nobody would he do a salad something would you wanna like it, and you start discussing topics no matter the business, but you show them they respect the interest, Ronnie, take that card. So it’s not about working in those groups to the glass of wine, it is actually genuinely developing the interest in the person you want to talk. So it may be that try to spend talking to 10 1520 people, but one individual is going to come from that group. And that’s the start. Because that person’s want to fail you maybe later that person in your life in your business, but there is a point, everybody try to sell you something. And that’s my biggest fear on the selling point of most of the people I met was devastating.

Robert Brus 5:55
So relationships are key fostering solid relationships.

Unknown Speaker 5:58
Yeah. Anyone else? Something it’s intelligence for our social engineering. It’s like, I more give less I ask. That’s how you gain the trust of somebody rather than like, Hi Danielle, my own smarter, but you know you’re doing declines in insurance clients. Yes, I can investigate for you. Tanya doesn’t know me. But if I demonstrate Daniel that he’s worth his time with simple pitch, please give me five minutes for coffee.

Mario Bekes 6:29
Go home one card, it’s a start.

Robert Brus 6:31
So it’s really actually

networking for a lot of people. I don’t know about you sounds like you had a bit of a negative experience with it. I don’t know what yours is like but my experience with networking and maybe you folks watching this have had a similar experience to that has been mixed. It’s been mixed. Sometimes I go to networking meetings and think Oh my God, why am I even here? I’m eating breakfast. I’m listening to some guy rather on about something that I have no interest in. But then other times I go and I’m meeting credible People, and I never would have been exposed to those folks and I get to build on relationships quickly. But what I what I have found, what I have found works really well is when I’ve built relationships within networks, those people usually able to connect me, I really do business with the people inside of the networking making meetings that I go to. So I approach the networking slightly differently. When I arrived at those places not to try and go and win business. I’m not there to try and sell something I’m trying to there to create a relationship with somebody and preferably a couple of people. That’s a key point. If you don’t go with the intention to know something, I always say to my students, or my clients or anybody me the most valuable commodity, in life, business, or in my situation,

Unknown Speaker 7:47
investigation, it’s information and information does it consist from how to get your business it is interest in your business and you can tell he can say to me, look Mario, you know, I’m struggling with our lawn mowing and everything else doors Rob I know the person who can help what I found frustrating that you meet so many people who try to sell you the businesses and when you try to engage them they don’t exist anymore yeah that is my not understanding so either you’re hungry or you know hungry now I’m grateful that you know I learned some some some presentation skills from Danielle which I can implement but it’s like people love the show them genuine side need few more genuine and if you go with a sales pitch only as you say you listen on breakfast somebody half an hour and you’re looking is bacon and eggs you think might

Mario Bekes 8:45
make sense

Robert Brus 8:45
and it’s not that I’m not hungry right I’m just like I’m over

Unknown Speaker 8:48
yeah me by say that’s a part of of networking. But as a select I was lucky enough that my skills, I could apply and talk to people and I will go to quiet potential client just any change munching some dislike this is what the pitch Mario, I just didn’t want change. Yeah prove it to you and people will stop liking this and then you give them more you over deliver rather than just under deliver. And that’s how the relation sides honesty and law not trees.

Robert Brus 9:20
Yeah and and no I love I love how he says you give, give, give more than expecting to receive and sort of on online in the digital marketing world where I come from we talk about all the time we talk about value in advance, you deliver value in advance to somebody and that will attract them into your ecosystem. And that’s actually by the way what this is we deliver tremendous value by bringing together these right conversations and sharing our knowledge and our years of experience. And people find that really, really valuable and ultimately they end up inside of our ecosystem watching more of our stuff. eventually they’ll buy something from us that’s just the way that the Well works. It’s about value in advance. And I think networking, you can take the same approach as well.

Daniel Tolson 10:05
But what we’re hearing here is we’ve done this for thousands of years. You got back to the Bible, and it says the law of sowing and reaping it’s not new. Just because

Robert Brus 10:16
I’ve got Instagram, it doesn’t mean I gotta do that.

Daniel Tolson 10:18
We know this, but we don’t apply it. Yeah. So when you are meeting somebody for the first time, what are you thinking about? what’s the what’s your psychology when you’re meeting with somebody the first time in your developing your network? What are you thinking about?

Unknown Speaker 10:35
I’m thinking what I think about me, because in in a reduction, it is some foreign exchange of identities. My name is Mario, Daniel, and we’re going to change your cards. When I gave my car. It I mean, I can see how to observe my car, and I was living my car, you know, they’re going to make a judgement because they make a judgement by penises. Most of people make the judgement by appearances. And that’s The key for success. You can’t make everybody happy you’re not general hotel. But if you wanted to meet me in the business, it’s a two ways you know when you meet somebody, you truly looking for that person. And don’t extend that relationship or conversation on networking events longer than five to 10 minutes. I got your car. And I will ask you, do you mind to send your email? What’s the point having 20 cancel their booking events? You want to spend plenty coffees, your car blood pressure, heart attack.

Robert Brus 11:34
The mistakes that people make that the exact you’re describing exactly how some people handle networking.

Unknown Speaker 11:38
Yeah. And the networking site is not designed for group to win and networking groups mostly selling that membership type. On the on the presumption that you have the 500 people to access. You have the 500 people within three months and then what? So you need to pick your network, when there’s a segment Daniela, I know Danny LB my coach and very successful coach and a friend, I, not all him, but Daniel, subconsciously he gave me some gifts. And of course, I’m going to look the way to not repay, but I truly believe he needs to extend his businesses. So for me to lease programme to say, Hello, Daniel, I had the trust and I gained the trust and respect of this Sunday, some people are like to come for lunch. I will send you my way. You know, I mean, and you need to continue selling yourself. So I, I think that one on one or small groups, it’s more efficient, as you said on the beginning, that your family friends want to put you down, because they don’t like to see you successful. So I think the trust it’s a desire for success is a key element and giving people rather than, you know, you can give somebody for some time and if you see that doesn’t work, and I mean, it’s, it’s always you can say good night, but it’s important to show the people appreciation for data somehow, some way To contribute something, not just taking.

Daniel Tolson 13:03
So, you mentioned about how the person takes your business card. Yes. Can you demonstrate? First of all the way not to do it? And then demonstrate because in Taiwan, yeah, and in Asia, handing over the business card is ultimately important. And what you do with that business card at that time is critical. But how should we be doing so? If this is my business card, and I hand over you my business card? What’s the worst thing that I could do with it?

Unknown Speaker 13:33
Well, if you give me a business card, and I’m just interested for you also like Yeah, no, that’s Daniel Tolson put away I’ll continue conversation with the person does. It’s looking at the data some credit card, sorry, apologists on our business.

Unknown Speaker 13:51
But what it is it’s the try to match the title, the name and the position with your opinion,

Unknown Speaker 13:57
right. Okay

Unknown Speaker 13:59
EK Be good, it can be bad. And I truly say you know I can be the expert in everything but if I come into shorts in Japan cuz Sam the CEO in a Steven Jobs was having the shoes right, but he could afford in front of his employees to be dressed as a days. But what the worst thing is to give to somebody who’s a car and then you give me calculus again. And then this year he doesn’t listen what you’re saying. People don’t listen to boards its judgement. And that’s actually I don’t percentage boss I 5050 will make it you go through or not

Robert Brus 14:38
doing all these things subconsciously as well as I’m hearing your mind. Do I do that?

Daniel Tolson 14:44
I’m doing those patterns of behaviours and habits. And what I know is about 90 95% of what we do is habitual. We’re not even thinking about it. So if I was coming to an event, and I wanted to do it correctly, and I was handing you my business card Hello Would you do how would you do it? If I gave you my card

Unknown Speaker 15:03
now old said thank you Danielle awkward the Inquisition too because I’m genuinely interested in you in person yesterday now there’s a something school can cardiac work. He gave me a business card with them Poker Night. Doesn’t matter how good you are me over here the mutual interest syllable tonight but if you bring your business cards 9am in the morning, I gotta love the most because human body card and clock sickening clock apologists is is a theological clock. And when we wake up in morning, six o’clock, six to eight o’clock in the morning, we wake up we have a cafe, and we think oh my god, I’m now on the top of the wall. It’s actually the enzyme of hormones which are mothers given to us. Waking up the body, nine o’clock, your brain start craving for something. It’s information. It’s all stock afternoon, everybody after you’ve got a Last one, yeah, I’ll be in touch with you. Yeah, that, you know, thank you very much coffee. You’re not in the hunt the worst thing in the networking events, or you’re hunting for somebody. Mm hmm.

Robert Brus 16:13
One of the things that I’ve learned over the years in networking myself is to build relationships. And I love the way you described that with relationships. And that can be really hard to do. I don’t know if you watching this, and you’ve experienced how tricky it can be to build a relationship. But one thing that I like to do is to look at where relationships have started. So when we look at our relationship, how did that start? I invited you on a podcast you did. And yes, and so I invited Daniel on a podcast. And then I think pretty quickly after that, there was a bit of reciprocity that happened from your side, because you’re like, well, thank you so much. So what a great experience that was, and Hey, I got a couple of people you should speak to. And it was like, rapid fire these people at me like that. And I’m like, Wow, that’s really cool.

Unknown Speaker 16:54
Yeah. If I say something, please. Yeah. I not done enough for too much. Huh, and my impression of Danielle, I don’t need his credit. Sorry. I need your credit card. I truly apologise it’s a business card. I made Danielle just to the mutual friend and he didn’t need to give me his business card. Gentlemen just stand next to me he was thought he was well presented by what he did. He was genuinely been showing interest in my business. For me, that’s a quick you know, in social engineering, you have the good side bad sides. You have people who create, deliver situations, environments and position themselves around you to get information about your product, blueprint pricing, whatever it is. That’s a corporate espionage, especially engineering. It’s you know, what Daniel deep on I was expecting to meet him. He was standing there. Hi, my name is Daniel. Mario have a coffee. What do you think modern day he’s been just in a bucket on a dress nicely presented the macula Coming up is bag. Select this is not a pitch. But that to me was genius. Like, I need to see the gentleman again. Because he generally showed interest in me solves simultaneously thinking what he has in store for me, because he’s a champion. And you know, since then, you know,

Robert Brus 18:24
and that’s and it’s a great way to look at how the relationship began. And then what you did after that. So there’s a bit of the Law of Reciprocity at play, you had something something comes back and something that the law I like the Law of Reciprocity and relationship building where there’s no expectation, I just give, just keep giving, keep giving, keep giving, and what I learned to do was to is not expect anything from the person I’m giving to, if it comes from them awesome. If it doesn’t, that’s awesome, but I think what they’ll do eventually is Hand me off to somebody else that can help me and will help me and will be a customer

Unknown Speaker 18:56
again, if I may say something I was being taught So I run my business for all of us 90s and first four years I was struggling in in a network things and you know he tried to get the business you know tried to get the people but then it’s happened like some type of explosion of the people around you with all these nice deep satirises only kidding just target his personal going this group telling that person now there’s a plenty savvy people out like yourself and and suddenly some Mario beggars comes there right and select hi Danielle. I like to connect with you. So I was being told to do this. And I tested this on a very high position people. The first response was like, Do I know you? And what would you like to do with the connection link again, I was like, God, man, like you should walk he may take it easy. So the point is, you know, it’s it’s the advice is people They, for that reason, it’s the failing, they don’t gain the trust on somebody. And they are doing the wrong things presenting themselves. So

Daniel Tolson 20:12
what we say is you can become your own business coach. And there’s two questions that you ask yourself after every interaction. First of all, you ask yourself the question, what did I do, right? And I’ve been reflecting on how I’ve been receiving business cards. But the second question you could ask yourself is, what will I do differently next time? And as you take the positive learning, and then you take the reversal ending, which says, What will I do differently next time you programme this in your subconscious mind? So as Mario’s talking, I think this is absolutely fascinating. I’ve seen in my mind how I’m taking the business card, and looking at it, reading it, paying attention to it, but I’m not putting the attention on the individual person. So what I’ll be doing next time is receiving the card. They knows my Thank you so much, and continuing the conversation. And we always have to look at how we improve our personal presentation and in 95% of presentations can be improved. And I believe for me, that’s going to be a huge takeaway, because it’s very different to what I do. When I handed Marissa my book, my remember what Mary I did, he said, Thank you so much. And he just put it next to him and pass it on to advice and then put his attention back on me. And what I’ve also learned is that when I do give a book to somebody, it tends to just generate business automatically. And Rebecca, who we had on the show before, about three and a half years ago, I gave her some books, right? She’s still a client three and a half years later and yeah, so I realised that there’s some improvement here. And just making sure that when you’re handing over these books and for the people watching, do it with the right intention. Yeah. Do it with the right intention. And I learned from a gentleman by the name of right they hear that the emotion and the body can measured in excess of two and three kilometres away from the body. So if it’s interesting, if your intention is to go there and close business before you even get to that environment people are picking up energetically and this was called the morphic field. And so people are picking up on this all the time you know, we’re getting more than 2 million bits of information presented to us at any given second consciously we can only process 134 that all of us are processing unconsciously. So just being mindful of that intention

Unknown Speaker 22:43
so the word tried to say like you know fussing with your with your with your with your facts, but as I said, like the people don’t genuinely seen the the introduction. What did you how did you quoted this one to two kilometres away the energy or the body right? Now if you don’t show that Jen interest is somebody, there is a problem. The other problem I didn’t have the strategy to sell I truly not because I heard them all. And I couldn’t apply one simple strategy because every time I open my mouth I will see the responses coming from other person so I was pitching for the walk and executive sit opposite me genuinely talking to me. And as soon as I start using some fancy boards, I saw the scribbling and making response so I said to myself, okay, Mario, this doesn’t work I mean, you need to be in the hearts and minds in like in intelligence, when you try to create the assets when you try to talk to somebody and I mean generally informations to find everything else. And as I mentioned before, you won’t you won’t give unless you take however into find your own mobile sobriety so account executives like what can I do my business to King in your organisation, it was like what? Nobody says this. And I felt like this is the way I’ve talked to you because on the great honour in your business by myself speech, it’s a zero. So how I can make you and your team greatest organisation with my products it did work sometimes yeah sometimes people confuse like that doesn’t you know because its opposite with a teaching you another thing that people should be taught to your guys podcast to both of you what you’re doing and I saw the podcasters before myself and Danielle and it’s like people need to take the board of experts has a credibility more so cultures, unfortunately my books I can even related myself with this information flowing out. It’s it’s Daniel VQ, statistics descended like, you know, Jesus these people are talking about, but the best part is it’s influencing person. So Daniel in closing And unfortunately for Daniel, I told him second day, so let me just take my call he says yes. So like, I just want to be half a minute like you. So I just want coffee. There was no speech but he gently spoke to me and dusted what should be done. No become the business card person will get a car subconsciously thinking, who he knows how can use this little have a coffee? He said this? Yes, thank you, Daniel. This

Robert Brus 25:29
is, you know, you know what’s really interesting to me and hearing about your sales pitch with there, and it’s not really a pitch, right? As the same thing that has come up a couple of times in the recordings we’ve done recently. There’s a lot to be said for kindness. Absolutely. And and there’s all of these sales techniques out there, all of this methodology and all this hustle and grind and all of that stuff out there. That if you’re genuinely kind to somebody and you genuinely care about what it is that they have as a concern that you can solve You will win more sales now. That’s just such a such a big thing there. So it’s really nice to hear.

Daniel Tolson 26:06
These are the emotional intelligence factor and that’s what we’re coming back to before with that person who was underperforming. They didn’t know themselves and and then what happens if you’re not assured if you’re not aware of who you are and how you think and feel, you projecting this on to other people, they are picking it up because they are emotional intelligence is going to be higher. Yeah. And they pick it up through that empathy. But the person in delivery is too busy trying to sell but they don’t think so. Yeah. I remember when I got into real estate, and 1999 I had no experience in my uncle said to me, in Tuesday, Adam will outsell experience 10 to one and he said just be genuine people. So go out there and knock on doors. And people say what are you doing knocking on my door? Well, honestly, I’m new in the business. And part of my job my boss said I had to knock on door so mad he looking to build my business. That’s what I’m doing.

Unknown Speaker 27:01
I could only mark and respect that good stuff.

Robert Brus 27:04
What can you say to it? They go.

Daniel Tolson 27:05
Good on you. And they’ll talk to you. Yeah. And there was no pitch. It was just this is what I’m asking you doing. And now a really cool

Robert Brus 27:12
event. And the more people you talk to like that, in that circumstance, the more opportunity you create for yourself. Absolutely.

Daniel Tolson 27:17
Well, they what they would do, because of that reciprocity, you genuine with them. So the reciprocity is genuine back on being genuine. with you. It’s 40 degrees. This flies all over my face on. I’ve got a blue shirt on and it’s going to knock Hello. And you tell them that say, but we’re not thinking of selling as a matter of fact, we don’t even know the house. But that person across the street had a real estate agent out there yesterday. Go check it out was john go and speak to them. It was just that little bit of genuine hatred towards the MJ

Unknown Speaker 27:48
bunch of the topic, which I can’t elaborate. I are not experts in motion intelligence. There wasn’t much not okay. I mean, I cried. I tried to make Every person we talk has a storey, every person we talk has a problems, ups and downs a loss. And if you truly desire to have that person to talk to you, it’s not about basis. So that car doesn’t go there. I didn’t know Danielle, you know, I need to reflect, you know, I need to get Daniel into this conversation because here, Daniel could choose not to talk to me. could not ask me, how’s your family? You know, you know, how’s your wife knowing Mario in a mean, what headdress, he goes and all these things. But the bottom line is, he didn’t make it funnel me. In a way. I’m Danielle, this is my car. You need me. My met many coaches, many of them and they were angry with me. Because I didn’t want to go with them. And I select because you just tried to give me some service without asking who I am. So that’s a very important aspect. Hawaii in a mean, how’s your day been? Busy at all, you know, reverse engineering. Rather than just like Hi my name is linebackers. And the best thing to say the compliment conference best in the world, people don’t have this interest because that day maybe that person has a nervous breakdown wife left him know whatever, you know, in many many ways but that’s what is a human human touch emotional intelligence are now sporting emotion intelligence are not expert, but emotional intelligence, the emotional connection and people buy from people that’s the thing is that that’s the best thing ever have people buy from

Robert Brus 29:31
people near? It’s beautifully said and we’ve got an episode coming up. Sorry to cut you off there in that episode, it’s going to be about the from the from the buyer’s side. So we’re pitching and selling our products and services, but the buyer is on the other side of it. And you got to understand that buyers are very, very sophisticated these days, particularly in a commodities fact checking world that we have on iPhones and what you’re describing there is what’s in it for me. Why should I do it now and what should I do? with you. And if you’re not answering those questions from a from an emotional intelligence and a social intelligence perspective, you’re gonna miss the deal. You’re just you’re just not going to get the deal. And if you have an expectation that you know, when the business the first time around without covering off on those three things, you’re not giving you your prospect or your target any attention, and you need to give them much more attention in order that

Daniel Tolson 30:23
is correct. Yes. I met a salesman recently. And he came out and he showed up, and I asked him his name. And they sent out a different salesperson I said, Is your name such and such? He said, No, my that’s not mine. I’m always the gone lady. And so a different salesman come in. And I said, Why didn’t anybody tell me I didn’t check your emails. So all of a sudden I was through your fault that we sat down and he said, So tell me about you. And the Monday said told me that you on you he didn’t care enough about me to do some background check. instals last report Right away my mind shut down. And we’re so friendly. So just sit there in grin. Yeah, I must look like that.

Robert Brus 31:06
Yeah, because it was just too small and away by resting faces and a lot that my resting face is this

Daniel Tolson 31:15
statement self worth what I learned from Brian Tracy said the first 40% of your time and somebody is just building rapport. Just building rapport. You’re like business like it or not. Yeah, you just build rapport perfect. He goes in hypnosis and I’m a master hypnotherapist is Milton Erickson says anything is possible in the presence of a group report. And without good rapport, you can ask the important questions. And so we believe that the first 40% of time it’s just building a good relationship. And you’ve got to know if you like that person, when I’ve made my clients. I’ve also got to interview Mario. Do I want to get married tomorrow because once you start a business, really If you’re married to them, they’ve got to respect that in relationship, you’re going to have your ups, you’re going to have your downs, you’re going to have your disagreements in my business. Sometimes I have to reprimand my customers bad behaviour, but it needs to have before. I mean a

Unknown Speaker 32:17
lot of things.

Robert Brus 32:20
Good Reporter So if he tells you it’ll be okay.

Unknown Speaker 32:23
He’s done. You’re told one thing, very, very important, which are utilising my clients with a question What can I do for you to make looking good because for me was that was accepted my brain was a simple boarding and I know when I was standing behind this what was behind is however Danielle told me once

Mario Bekes 32:43
I may or may not be a coach. Because you my business card.

Unknown Speaker 32:48
So if you fail, I fail. I don’t care enough for the you know, creating wealth or money or he was at that’s a very good point, which is sad. I mean, because we have All business cards for somebody. And that’s reflecting now, like, I’ll go back to our conversation and now today interview. It’s a business card, you know, you don’t need to look the business card and judge the person. Because once we start working for you, here’s your business card. And I know most of my clients are wanting, you are good as your last work. I’m happy that I’m happy that keeps me check. Yeah, thank you that they’re beautifully

Daniel Tolson 33:29
said ultimately important. When I started my business, I had to work with everybody with the chequebook. And that was at the very start. And I quickly learned who I like to work with in who I didn’t like to work with. And there’s people who produce results as a coach and there’s people who don’t, and the ones who don’t are your business card, and that reputation goes tomorrow. So you then have to really make a decision is Who do you want out there representing your brand and they’re an extension by Great customers who make me look great, and you got to preserve that. So when you’re looking at your sales, you gotta look, is this person? Can I make them look good? First and foremost, and can I make Marianne look good? Is what I’ve got useful for him? Can he use it? Can he get benefits? If you can’t get that? Don’t sell it?

Robert Brus 34:19
Yeah, definitely. So you’ve got

Daniel Tolson 34:21
to ask the client, you know, my brother. He’s really funny. He said, Daniel, with our clothing company, we’re going to make clothing like this to fit this type of person. I don’t want that type of person wearing it. And he said, because if they wear it, it won’t make our brain look good. And hold true today. So the clients wearing out clothing, real business cards, and we didn’t want to sell it to the older generation. So billabong Rico, guys are in their 60s and 70s are wearing billabong and so the 20 year olds don’t want to wear me right now market was this 20 to 25 people and if they saw the dancing, it automatically jumped ship. Going to make sure for us we design clothes for them marketing major they work and it wouldn’t fit certain body shapes

Unknown Speaker 35:07
man yeah i’d something I’m a business guy robots me earlier the most crucial thing in networking and any type of introduction to the potential client or prospect it’s just a business card who we are it’s actually the final just our name centre and will the company today and but it was a social media and that one is all it’s very crucial there because you know the only Canadian defensive warning you don’t change much. By the way these people start thinking about you because as you mentioned before on your chequebook on who you want to deal with that taking this boxes,

Robert Brus 35:46
what am I going to see when I look at your Instagram

Mario Bekes 35:48
Mario? My beautiful body

Unknown Speaker 35:55
like they look I said Danielle Danielle influenced me quite a lot. I must say this Because I’m truly honoured being today with you both with you Robin with Danielle I wasn’t expecting. See, I spoke with Dynamo. And I mean she made me to come inside inside

Unknown Speaker 36:16
recording George

Unknown Speaker 36:18
and she mentioned something about kindness and the people today the Grateful the kindness I’ve been there everybody has enough on workplace you know beyond the stress to raise families bills and everything else. But one thing it is somebody whose condom can’t be to start influencing you and that’s what happened with me Danielle his kindness possible me so my social media you can find only landscapes. We’re going to have the picture together my landscapes is because I love photography my way that’s the only way Why can you know being crazy my own talking to the you know minimise our sponsors. Being a footballer but you know actually inspire me because funnily enough I met a lot of people a lot of boys jogging following morning and you know me not backing myself and going to coffee shop and I’ve seen my camera so I will never have the treat of the some boys said to me might want some cameras like I just long exposure not that’d be it would be nice change your car to say we can do external connectors might be chilling. Yeah. And social media. He lives This is Scott. Yeah, maybe I’m wrong in my case is derived

Daniel Tolson 37:35
from one of the things I talked about in the book when the sales now is being marriage material. And I believe if you create good content, and it’s on your Facebook feed, it makes you look good. But then your client share it and it makes their feed look good, right? It’s like my wife. She always looks after herself. She does a hair she does makeup. And I’m so proud about because I take her long as she’s my handbag. Yep. And everyone’s like Oh, you’re so cute. I want to reciprocate that. So I want to make sure that my body looks good. I’ll make sure I don’t get too old too fast. Because I want to reciprocate and make her look good. And I believe we’re going to do this in business as well. Socially when people look at your social media and you’re sharing these constant horror storey blood and guts, yeah, already judged you. Yeah, that’s what I’m gonna get if I’m going to do business with them. Be very, very careful of that.

Robert Brus 38:37
We’ve got something that’s pretty interesting here. Mario BX, Managing Director, insight intelligence group. That’s a What a cool business name. It’s almost as cool as go all in. It’s close. You have a second prize. What have you got there? It’s really interesting, General characteristics of

Daniel Tolson 38:55
well, this is the fascinating part Mario’s investigations. I’m in the emotional investigation. And what I study about people is what makes some people more successful than others. And I have a 77 page report on a highly trained operative. this gentleman’s been trained by intelligence services around the world in the world. But I have the privilege of having a psychological report on how his mind works and what drives him in, I’d like to show you why some people are more successful than others that understand how this is the perfect job fit. Yeah, because you could have great characteristics, but you could be in the wrong job. And I’ve been looking at this for hours, 77 pages. And I believe Marius Perfect Fit to his job, but I want to better understand it from him because he’s trained around the world and he’s trained

Robert Brus 39:48
people around the world. So what’s the what’s the whole point of doing something like that to on a show like this when we want to win more sales. Now that’s the whole point of this show. Is that you learned something and you can take that away and you’ve got some, some tangible things that you can apply today that will help accelerate your results and bringing some more revenue. Now, I’m curious too, that’s absolutely, absolutely the fear for the third time determination that you get is the resistance to interrogation is all those skills are going to come back to get

Mario Bekes 40:27
that, that problem or run away? So that’s where

Robert Brus 40:29
all the intelligence people watching them, they know exactly what I’m talking about. Maybe the grunts would know that as well. It’s pretty interesting. Well,

Daniel Tolson 40:35
the question was, why would we do it? And that’s because it comes back to self awareness. The people who know more about themselves in any area of business will outperform everybody else. I mean, self awareness, only 36% of the population really know who they are. It’s really low. It’s really low and attributes to underperformance.

Robert Brus 40:54
Have you ever found yourself in a job that that you kind of really excited about when you first started off? And then a couple of weeks into you dragging your feet kicking the carpet not really liking it. And that’s because your skill set your emotions and the way you think and feel about things is not aligned to that role. So, let some great stuff here. Let’s let’s, let’s unpick the water water, we got this

Daniel Tolson 41:15
kind of fun. Well, we talked about individual human potential, in this formula will predict what you can achieve in your life. And the first thing we have to look at is your inborn attributes. These are the things that are in your bloodline. This is the things that you’re born with in, in with within genetically, and we say about 65% of all your success comes from those inborn attributes and they’re fixed. And so what you’ve got to do is you have to design your business, in your creating your life around your unique personality. Don’t try to be somebody else. You’ve got to learn who you are and build out upon that and position yourself in the right places. If you’re six foot eight, and you’re that skinny, you should probably be on the basketball. Coach not trying to be in the front row of a local football team. Yeah. And people get upset. I can’t believe they didn’t choose me. Go and do something that suits your body talk. Yeah. Normal licencing. So, what is Marissa best suited for? Well, the first thing I’ve discovered here is that Mario is forward looking. He’s aggressive, and he’s competitive. And his vision for results is one of his positive strengths. So you’re new to the country you came here. This is not where you were born, and you had to make business work. So where are you going to marry and what are you looking to achieve? What’s the vision?

Mario Bekes 42:40
I want to be not Daniel Joseph.

Julie, I want to be like a Daniel Tolson or least half a minute him.

Unknown Speaker 42:50
starting businesses, easiest part, I will say this to everybody, but how much persistent persistence you have in yourself. desire to continue because life eating as a role mentioned beginning first was what would you dance your family, friends and everything else? I’m lucky enough I don’t have data yet nobody is that my my family. But the thing is, what I’m seeing myself is sharing the knowledge, sharing the knowledge what I learned, and experiences I do have so I can influence people in industry what I’m close. So like, I’m talking about investigations and human intelligence aspects. So that’s what I’m seeing myself. You know, I will never visit you’re gonna write a book. Right? I

Robert Brus 43:36
mean, your item.

Unknown Speaker 43:37
Yes, it’s an English spot. But the thing is, what I’m seeing myself, I’m seeing myself as a CEO, the one of the toughest, imbecilic companies in the globe by providing the niche services. And me being a public speaker and educator. That’s what I’m seeing myself. But the drive is not because of the money The drive it is I haven’t seen it ever, they want me twice to be saying, select. I know that topic and I’m going to teach you all about that topic. That’s what I’m seeing myself. So

Daniel Tolson 44:12
I’m going to tie that back into some of the driving forces. One of the values that you bring into the organisation is that you’re also always concerned about quality work. Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 44:23
As I mentioned before, you know, I didn’t chose this is trade occupation. When I was 14, our meeting later squirrelling communism, he was lobbying firms it is all you know, democracy and Song Song of the Civil War, so are continuing. And then suddenly, I was being picked out of everybody else, you’re married. You have a kids. We missed a lot of money new. So after five years in combat in the system, that was cold, they were some schools to attend. And you know, you go there if it’s gonna be cool, you’re relaxed. I wasn’t

Robert Brus 44:55
know the intensity goes off a couple of notches.

Unknown Speaker 44:59
Then you meet in even cooler people around the globe who start become your friends and then your bosses become your enemies. I mean, so the moment when I was trying to step out of the military security intelligence services after nine years in the Army, you know, I was told again, listen, we have a job for you, because the training and everything else is like, I truly like what I’m doing. And appreciation about my education training comes now wasn’t before you know, I mean, because I was being branded in Australia in I mean, you’re just a security guard, you know, mean to appearance in black suit and everything else is like, more than this, you know, I mean, but I was lucky enough. I mean, solid a few people who told me my yoga nice writer, bookseller, homie. It’s important that our people believing in you or try to push you like Danielle’s. You know, I want to be the public speaker and educator. Yes, you can. He’s the first one who told me is it does not need to anymore yeah so that’s what I see myself being half of Daniel half of raw

Mario Bekes 46:07
and also show only one correct

Robert Brus 46:10
well thank you that’s very flattering that you say such nice things I’m seriously I was moving on

Daniel Tolson 46:15
now in business this is a very interesting quality and I’d like to know how it applies to your field is in business disciplined you meticulous in have meticulous attention to order. How does that help you become successful in your field?

Unknown Speaker 46:32
The knowledge experience I do have I’m continues to try to pass on my Peeves the main place. I can explain to people the blue cover copy of me. So I’m the first point of contact with the client and the last one to qualify. And that’s got to be the q&a. Quality Assurance is going to stand out. The client doesn’t know what’s happening within the four walls. We have a civil war inside, no food or no but the moment he into your work instead of the client. And if that work if you’re not happy you know I can have a bad days I have a good days. But you know, when I send that report out, I’m standing behind every single word. And when you call me or select, it’s done, it’s done. It’s done. What it’s clear understanding what sky wants and in October build so chicken deliver. If you can’t deliver, you know, I know whitelist things not being not deliver. But I want to make sure that my knowledge and education I sacrifice so much in my life almost when something is a client gets this space for me. So that’s the reason is micromanagement of Robo you doesn’t help micromanaging myself.

Robert Brus 47:45
It’s really interesting hearing him articulated, and it’s exactly what you’ve got a better involved there because there’s no way you could do that without having those qualities to grow.

Daniel Tolson 47:54
You’ve got to make sure you’re fitting. Yeah, that’s that’s behaviour. Yeah, but we also have modified RY people talk about your why you’re why you why you’re why in that car you want to buy is not your wife. Exactly. You’ve got driving forces and there’s 12 of them. And they can go in any order in sequence, but you have to make sure you understand yours for what you want to achieve and start to listen to those ones. They already Marissa, Marissa has a keen interest in formulating theories and asking questions to assist in problem solving. Is this what makes you very effective in investigations, it’s totally

Unknown Speaker 48:29
miss that the metals imagination, it’s, it’s very important in that before before you accept anything in your life, does it to be just smile and a walk or sales? You know, you need to have the tears in your head hearts on this one has an affinity. I mean, and as Rob mentioned in the beginning, who’s gonna put you down who’s gonna lift you up? I mean, and finally, you know, you’re juicing those, you know, imaginative periods, you know, we come to the one in a means like, I want to stick with this one. Whatever the So I will really do or gonna die. If I die. It’s my promise no one is born

Mario Bekes 49:08
to die but it’s like

Daniel Tolson 49:09
you say now this is a driving force of spirit. Yes. Right? We don’t have to try to adapt to or pretend that it’s just there tonight. Yeah, the next one he sees value in consuming current information from many sources. And like when I said that Mario is connected not to hundreds but thousands of people and I watched him collecting data for lunch the other day and I’m eating lunch. Mario’s positioned everybody on the table in the right places and then he takes off and I’m watching it side and he’s talking to people in Darling Harbour I know he’s collecting information and it says that he sees value in consuming current information from many sources it fighter here love information

Robert Brus 49:53
there’s a there’s a bit the Mr. Ministers hashtag intelligence officer

Unknown Speaker 50:00
Not a position people in our CEO comes in building. And I know because I was a cleaner in hotels, you know, after I left and diplomacy, and I was married and I mean the my wife tricked me I mean she’s she told me some you know i mean we love Mrs are pregnant in industry now. So my first job was literally cleaning the floors in model hotels, and now we’ll meet the GM silly, so important. And so like, all characters in the morning update on the shift downtown for the city gotta go. But the queen of space queens was in the office. Barton is talking on a mistake. So ordinary people are actually to source information if somebody knows and that’s what the most cooperation. Actually, I’m surprised how to spend the money. This is important when you make that profile of the person, but you see a Mega rafal person may not because Daniel he told me quickly started his mentality. Now in all communistic time, that people will dress themselves as a presence will be amongst the you know, senior population. So if you talk to other people on the street, you know, the prices that the fees for the mortgage and everything else so I have no problem to say to the cleaner light colour, because once upon a time I was cleaning, but he’s happy to share with me all the gossips in the house and I’m happy and then you tried to be

Daniel Tolson 51:19
really interesting

Robert Brus 51:24
worried about it but it’s actually really accurate.

Mario Bekes 51:27
I didn’t know he was doing the same

Daniel Tolson 51:28
Yeah, he doesn’t know but it got his sleeping you ready for another one? Mario will be a great sort of resource to help with identifying valuable and informational resources.

Robert Brus 51:39
Do you know anyone that can help me with?

Yes, actually I do. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 51:44
Sometimes information comes to you. If you don’t if you don’t searching and the people usually searching informations, social media, friends family. His coworker Shapeways, information which you seek in society. Do All you need to find the source and source it’s usually going to come to you related to source of information is coming to you if you have a question for something to be answered, and you can answer straight away I always say to people can you fix it now? Why worry? Can you fix it? Yes. Why Why? But the thing is a corporate for that is a rush. And finding information feeds to people. And the only reason why I’m successful because I have a variety of dinners. Society levels, right people so rather than just being over myself, like yummy

Robert Brus 52:34
executives, and not just executives, it’s all sources or opportunity events.

Unknown Speaker 52:39
Yep. Talk to the lady carry the shims. Yeah, how is it that this guy does not really okay yeah, let’s go gonna sign talking. I mean, so they that’s what they do. People people show genuinely love to talk too much, then failure life back after.

Daniel Tolson 52:59
He’s a couple of struggle. We’re going to go through these 123 Yeah, like Rei focuses on information and facts true or false. True. Is that the business that you’re in absolutely perfectly fitted he tends to research much more thoroughly compared to others. Correct. And Marissa seeks to make the unknown. No,

Mario Bekes 53:20

It goes the

Robert Brus 53:25
Yes, yes, true storey Yes,

Daniel Tolson 53:28
yes, yes, yes. jona know what energises him. He’s energised by discovering new information

Mario Bekes 53:35

Daniel Tolson 53:39
As a behavioural match as a driving forces match what Mario does is perfect and you can see that he loves what he does because he studies have and he’s written eight books on the topic amazing. And that he’s a couple of all the ready for a couple of more with more potential behavioural and motivational strengths. He thrives on challenges of solving problems now Your clients have problems. Yes, that’s great. And who solves them? Me? Do you enjoy it? Absolutely. There’s nothing better than the clients happy.

Mario Bekes 54:07

Daniel Tolson 54:08
Excellent. And he uses knowledge to support his position. That’s correct.

Mario Bekes 54:13
That is more


Robert Brus 54:20
Yeah, it’s the evidence because I can’t go out there. So that’s correct the evidence evidence? Well, as we can see this behavioural and what what do we call this, this what’s called properly?

Daniel Tolson 54:30
Well, this one here is a trauma matrix, which still you know, I’m looking at Mario’s behaviours and what makes him unique is driving forces and he’s competencies. So I can make sure that he’s a right fit for the job, but also to be able to take him from a good performer to an incredibly high performer so he can stand on stages and educate people around the world in the get there. He’s going to know more about his strengths, and how to utilise us to get success faster. Yeah,

Robert Brus 54:57
beautifully said beautifully said. And if you’re interested in Finding out some more about that just pop some comments below and Daniel, myself and Mario will see those and we’ll answer those for you as well. And make sure you hit that subscribe button, give us a thumbs up and ring the bell so you don’t miss an episode. And what have we got here? We’re nearly at the end of the at the end of

Daniel Tolson 55:16
the show here we have Mario’s latest book called The culprit informant in whistleblower management plan. I’ve read the book, I read it through once, and I read it through second time. And I’m absolutely blown away about the motives of informants in whistleblowers. And I’d encourage you to get a copy of this book, and Marissa talks in here about how these people get motivated. They get motivated through fee. People are motivated by revenge, there’s economic purposes, gonna

Robert Brus 55:48
say revenge has got to pay all the way up there.

Daniel Tolson 55:53
They go to them, they calculate it and they repented. And it talks about the motives of informants and whistleblowers, and it’s a very fascinating Something that has never been in Matthew has always been in the peripheral. But you’ve got to get your hands on this and have a look at how this gentleman describes this field. It is absolutely phenomenal writer once you will shake your hand, you read it a second time. And then you will want to come back to this

Robert Brus 56:17
and say well check it out in the show notes. I’ll make sure there’s some links there where you can get a copy, make sure you connect with Mario, the links to his website and his Instagram where you can see his all of his stuff going on his beautiful landscape photography. And that’ll be there for you as well. Thank you, Daniel expanding and thank you so much for coming on. I really appreciate it. And by the way, there’s some new videos, a whole lot of new content is right over there. So just pop on over there and we’ll see you in those videos. But

Mario Bekes 56:43
subscribe. Otherwise, I’ll see you