In this episode of Win Sales Now, both Rob and Daniel share their thoughts and reasons behind why they do what they do and exactly why they are sharing a lifetime of sales experience in these videos.

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Robert Brus 0:09
Well g’day everyone. Welcome to Win Sales Now. I’m Robert Brus

Daniel Tolson 0:13
and I’m Daniel Tolson.

Robert Brus 0:14
Well it’s great to have you back here on the channel and we’ve got some really fun stuff coming up today not so much related to sales but more why we do it before we get into it good I might hell and I always good

Daniel Tolson 0:27
to see so you great to have you here. It’s good coming down to Corona live checking out the the surf spots and having an early coffee. Always wonderful

Robert Brus 0:34
looks like a bit of swell pumping through out the window there. We can maybe splice in some video or some photos a little bit later on into this really cool. Anyway, we just wanted to jump on here quickly before we get into some sales training and some subsequent videos that we’re shooting today and talk to you, you folks about what it is that what is the reason behind doing all of this and doing what We do. I’ve been in small business as an entrepreneur now for well, quite a long time since I got out of the military in 2002. I’ve had various different businesses in various different forms, some were really good, some fell flat on their face. But that’s kind of life right now. And you know, for me personally, the reason that the reason I do this and why definition of success is about time, it’s about freedom to do what I want to do. It’s about the opportunity to spend more time with my children, because before you know, your kids grow up, and they go, and my son, Cameron, he’s 19 years old in January and a couple of months. He’s at university and it feels like I brought him home from the hospital last week. That just goes really really quickly. And I’ve been so fortunate to be able to spend so much time with my kids and I never would have been able to do that unless I had my own business. But having a business is one thing having cash flow in the business is another show and the only way that you have that is by going to make sales go to make sales go to my example. Why do you do it?

Daniel Tolson 2:01
I moved to Dubai in 2007. In I was doing a project then I went back and I worked for Emirates Airline in 2009. And what I’d learned about working with Emirates Airlines is that you could have the champagne lifestyle on the lemonade badge. So we would travel around the world and would say in five star hotels, every time you went into the hotel, you got a handful of cash, go and explore. And Emirates Airline was a wonderful way to see the world at a very low cost and, and I translate this back into business. So what business gives us is we get the ability to live like millionaires. But when you excellent at sales, you get financial freedom. Yeah, you can decide, do you want to own five grand away, gentlemen, 10 grand when you get to determine your paycheck. There’s no other curry out there that you can choose how much you want to want every week. You can also decide how many hours you want to work. You want to work at work. There’s a theory called the best mela ha theory and it says that you can work for six months and produce enough income in six months, that you can have six months off, so maybe you just want to work 25 hours a week, but absolutely kill the sales process in those 25 hours, and then have the rest of the week with the family.

Robert Brus 3:14
Well, I got I gotta say on that point you got inside of my head earlier in the way half decide Daniel was on Facebook. He was on a radio station, what radio stations that was

Daniel Tolson 3:22
swri 99 fm.

Robert Brus 3:24
So I did a little bit of a Facebook Live before he went on there and in the host of the show said tell me tell me what you told me before we started this recording. And you got on there and said, Did you know that most salespeople don’t make their first sales call till 11 o’clock in the morning? And I was like sitting there thinking. Now that’s that’s not very and you know, when you’re talking to me, the very the very next day you were talking to me and I’m talking to you by the way, the very next day I found myself up at five o’clock in the morning I went and trained at fat around I did border First, I looked at my email. And you know what, when I when I picked up my phone to make my first sales call, you know, Tom was 1102 Oh, I even missed the deadline by two minutes. And, you know, I made a whole boatload of sales on the front end of the week for myself. So businesses really good this week it was was excellent for me. And I found myself resting on my laurels a little bit. And sometimes I feel a little bit guilty about doing that but this this week, I didn’t feel too guilty because I’ve worked really really hard. And I said to myself, well, gosh, there’s some good cash flow coming in this week, some great business, helping a lot of people doing the right things and I thought, Well, what do you have your own business? You know, and it’s maybe it’s okay to have a long lunch every now and then maybe it’s okay to kind of have a little break every now and then don’t get me wrong. I’ve still worked and I still made more sales and I was still consistent in what I was doing. But I felt like my my motivation just kind of went it’s like I let myself off the hook because I made a lot of sales. I made a decent couple of, you know, a couple of thousand lows, and I’ll let myself off the hook. And Why else do you do this? Why can’t I let myself off the hook and spend a bit of time with Danielle, go and have another cup of coffee and go for a swim or something like that? You know, and maybe that’s not the right thing to be doing. But that’s part of the reason I do what I do.

Daniel Tolson 5:17
Well, as we spoke about in previous episodes, you’ve got to decide what you want. You got to decide what you want and what’s right for you. Yeah. And then you got to determine the price that you willing to pay. And one of the hardest things is that if you love what you do, if you love what you sell, it’s very hard to stop doing it.

Robert Brus 5:34
Well, that’s the thing. I was always still making silence. You

Daniel Tolson 5:37
gotta have discipline. And you have to have discipline to stop. Yeah, it takes you 95% of your mental energy just to begin. So if you can start early in the morning, and you can start early in the week and you go really hard. And then what happens by Wednesday, you can produce a whole week’s work by Wednesday, and then you could have the discipline to stop take time off and enjoy all the other fruits of your labour.

Robert Brus 6:03
Not I find it comes in spurts as well. You know, you said that that law is you can work for six months and then take six months off. That actually definitely holds true for me. But I find the ability to maintain momentum is not there. You know, I had a really great day on Tuesday, Wednesday rocks around I’m kind of like faffing around and not doing what I’m supposed to be doing. And and that’s because I think the day before I had a really good day made heaps of money, everything was really good at sort of like, Well, what do I need to do to keep my momentum and keep that going? It’s got to do with your goals got to do with your targets, or that type of thing

Daniel Tolson 6:37
has a lot to do with energy. We spoke in previous episodes that the billionaires sleep seven to eight hours a night and self made millionaires sleep about six to seven hours a night and people who are struggling sleep less than five hours a night. So we have to have constant regular sleep, you’ve got to have very good sleeping patent. And what we know is that after eight hours of work, so We’re not faffing around ideas of solid book every hour after that your productivity drops by 50% significant. So what you have to do is you have to start early, wash it energy’s high, gotta go hard. And then you got to have the discipline to stop. Because those hours after the eight hour, you will lose half of your time, every hour, and then it divides by half again. Yeah, so if you do 10 hours of work, you’ve only done about 15 minutes of productive time. And if you start to get into the 11th and 12th hour, you’re doing about five to 10 minutes of productive work most young stop, you got to relax and just like your smartphone, you have to recharge the battery. I feel like my brain turns to scrambled eggs. I don’t know why that’s the analogy I’ll use but I’ll look I just can’t concentrate on it luck. Looking at the screen, I’ve got my eyes again square and I’ve got two screens on my desk and I feel like I’ve ever travelled a lot of miles across the desert some there’s a whole range of factors to do with ergonomics and all of that type of thing. But you know that the other thing that That is you’re working in the sales and in business, you’re working at both a mental and an emotional level. So you’re dealing with people’s limitations and their limiting beliefs and you have to process their doubts and their fees and their concerns. And then you start to emotionalism. So you’re taking on their emotional baggage. And that’s quite heavy. And if you’re doing 10 2030 sales calls a day, that’s a lot of baggage that weighs you down. So what you got to be able to do is you got to get up and move. So perhaps you can try the pulse and pause method. And it’s like high intensity training. What you do is you go really hard for 30 minutes on the phone, and then you take a five minute timeout, right? You batteries recharged, and you go hard again, for 30 minutes, and you reward yourself with a five minute break. And what happens is with the Polson pause within you going hard you having a breather, you going hard and having a breather, you’re always on top of the game. And if you constantly do that throughout the day, and then stop and have a high protein lunch, your mind is going to stay focused. So once you start to get sugars once you start to consume salt and once you start to consume white flour products, your brain does go to scrambled eggs

Robert Brus 9:08
because you literally

Daniel Tolson 9:10
get these sugar rushes and then you start to cry food. Yeah so all successful salespeople have high protein diets. It a lot of lean make a lot of eggs, a good clean fridge not too sure. If you’re going to drink coffee try to have it without your get rid of the dairies because they’ll blow up. Yeah, during your sales calls. But you don’t want to do that. So you’ve got to look after your mental health. You need to look after your emotional health, but you also have to look after your physical health. So if you’re getting up every 30 minutes, pulse and pause, you will stay on top of the game.

Robert Brus 9:43
I find I I dial my desk, on my phone and dialling for dollars dialling for dollars baby that’s it. And I’m looking at my screen as I’m doing that and I’ve got everything I need. Okay, that’s, I can’t do any more can’t do any more homework. I just need to speak to this person. And I get up out of my chair and I Leave my phone on my desk with my bluetooth in and I walk around and I paced around and sometimes I feel like a bit of a cage lion as I’m doing that but I find that if I’ve got nothing in my hands it’s like having a conversation with you here now there’s no distractions there’s no I don’t have the pen in my hand or I don’t have my phone to look at or nothing else is there it’s just me and that person. And I just I can get through that cold really quickly but I have to say that I love the idea of the the pulse and the pause because I was dialling for dollars and I go there in a week and I sat back down on the phone again I got back up and I went again. They didn’t pick up I sat back down again to look good did you go Come again and I had about four calls in a row that I didn’t stop in between them because you know the when you when you’re waiting and there’s a break in between then you’re giving the fire oxygen and I’m just giving myself a chance to go that’s enough it like three of them, you know, so just kept getting knocked down. And anyway, by the fourth call I spoken to this is the fourth person in a row. spoken to an age calls going for about 15 minutes. And what do I say that to that person already? Have I am going through my sales process and the things that I share with people. I was like, did I did I say that you already know? No, I felt myself making a mistake wasn’t an error. It was definitely a mistake. And the mistake is not giving myself enough time in between those calls just to stop and reset between sets. It’s like being in the gym type thing, right? deliver professional athletes. It’s like the NRA annual Grand Finals coming up. They play for 40 minutes, and they rest they have a break.

Daniel Tolson 11:33
Yeah, you got to have a rest. Yeah. And what I do is what I can’t get all my calls right now. You can see this one and you can use something like this. What I’ll do is I’ll make 10 calls and I’ll have a break. And I’ll always track what I’m doing. Yeah, so if I’m getting up to the 19 till the 29th call. Yeah, I won’t stop. Yeah, when you track what you’re doing. And then you say I’m going to give myself a break. What happens is you get a dopamine rush because you set yourself a goal. Yeah, you then move towards it and you get adrenaline you got to either come objections, you got to deal with customer complaints you had to deal with people’s fees and dance and you got to keep pushing but once you hit that 10th Cole what happens is you celebrate the technical and you get flooded with sort of time so you feel good posture feel good you guys have a little panel will come back in and you’ll be on fire because your body is full of serotonin which is nature’s happy drug.

Robert Brus 12:26
I felt I found that lunchtime workouts make a massive difference huge Yeah, it’s like rate that’s almost black person Control Alt Delete in your day and then just starting again. So every now and then I do I do do that and lunchtime. cheeky lunchtime swim works to

Daniel Tolson 12:39
settle on today. Yeah, but you know why Robin? I do what we do. In what about you? What do you want? Why are you in sales? Why do you have your own business? Why do you want time and financial freedom? But don’t you share your thoughts in the link below and more respond personally?

Robert Brus 12:56
Yeah, pop them in the comments. Say we’d love to hear about what it is that you’re working on. And why you’re doing what you do. And, you know, I engage with a lot of small business owners throughout the week in various different levels. In networking. I was on a zoom call this morning before we kicked off the filming today and the fella down there he was, he was part of a, it was part of the masterminds mastermind group down in Melbourne. And he’s he heads up a team of I think it’s about a dozen different masterminds. And he puts these together with all these small businesses and all of this sort of thing. And I asked him, I said, what what do you do that and he goes, I just love it. I just love what I do. I love what I do. And I’ve got a question for you. Do you love what you do? Are you just going through the motions? Because if you make more sales and you got a bit more cash in your business, maybe you will start to love what it is that you do. I reconciles is the solution to just about everything is if you’ve got financial problems, you can sell your way out.

Daniel Tolson 13:51
Yeah. If you want something for your wife or your partner, your husband, your children, you can sell your way into it. If you want to succeed faster You can sell more you can rise to the top. But remember salaries and just always have asked selling a product or a service. It’s selling a concept. It’s selling an idea. You might have to sell yourself as the leader of choice, the manager of choice. Sales is back getting job interviews and convincing those people that you’re the best person for the job right now, all things considered. So sales is everything. My daughter sells to me every day. She sold to me since she was three, she would put on my jacket and say, Daddy, yeah, can you help me buy this? Yeah. And then she’ll give me all the races. So we’re always selling. We’re always negotiating. We’re always trading. But you have to have a why, and what happens in life, we get a lot of setbacks. But if you have a lot of reasons why you want to succeed, every time you’ve caught a blow, you’ll get back up because you got a reason to get back up. Yeah, and the only reason I believe why people fail in sales is because they don’t have enough reason. Get back up. I get knocked down. I get the wind knocked out of them. Yeah. don’t have enough reason to get back up. So share some of your reasons why you’re in sounds why you do what you do because I find this fascinating.

Robert Brus 15:07
Yeah, it’s a great sub everybody’s got a different reason. Yeah, absolutely. Make sure if you liking what you see today, you just hit the subscribe button right there and give us a thumbs up and don’t forget to ring the bell that way you get an alert every time. We put some videos out and know what I found. I found where the other videos are there right there.

Daniel Tolson 15:24
What did you put it over?

Robert Brus 15:25
Now? I put another show. Yes. Oh god looking for 100% that right there. I’m going to press that. So we’ll see you over in the next video.