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🔥 Wellness Priority

🔥 Balanced Work-Life

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In reflecting on a personal experience of burnout, we discovered two crucial lessons. Firstly, the importance of prioritizing wellness over time, recognizing that neglecting one’s physical and mental health can lead to illness. Secondly, the significance of balancing work with adequate rest, as overexertion resulted in burnout leading to bankruptcy. The practical advice derived from this experience emphasizes building a schedule around essential aspects like sleep, food, and exercise, underscoring their critical role in sustaining both personal and business well-being.

About the guest

Peter Faleskini is a trailblazing AI enthusiast and visionary leader, renowned for transforming the business landscape through early and strategic adoption of artificial intelligence. With a storied career spanning multiple sectors, Peter is a seasoned treasurer with a significant impact on some of Europe’s largest trusts. Beyond his financial acumen, Peter is a podcaster, public speaker, success coach, and author. Having faced burnout and bankruptcy head-on, he embarked on a personal renaissance, incorporating a disciplined diet and exercise routine into his journey. Peter offers a skeptical perspective on the modern economy, helping others discern sustainability amidst the complexities. His mantra: “Not everything that shines is gold, and not all mud is dirty.”

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