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Brian Tracy
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The True Measure of Leadership Is Influence!

On May 1, 2018, Daniel was at the aircraft door ready to board his flight from Manchester to Dubai. At that moment, a Senior Flight Steward stopped him and said, “Do you remember me? You were my first leader at Emirates, and because of you, I wanted to become a leader!”

This occurred 6 years after Daniel’s retirement. As Daniel says, “the true measure of leadership is influence.”

Fast forward to today, and Daniel has coached celebrities on international television, developed CEOs of Australasia’s biggest companies, guided billion-dollar businesses, coached high performers in real estate, and helped more than 25,000 leaders reach their potential.

Daniel will teach you how to become a better leader!

"With Daniel's 27 YEARS EXPERIENCE,
you will start at the top!"

Trusting in science is the right thing to do!

You can learn how to lead, but the old way is by trial and error, making lots of mistakes, and wasting a lot of time.

The new and improved way to become a better leader is to trust in science. Using the Science of DISC, you can learn faster, avoid mistakes, and get results the first time

The Science of DISC helps you make better decisions, lead correctly, and remove barriers to communication

Just like doctors, you can use science to become a better leader!


Just as doctors use X-rays, MRIs, and blood tests to make informed decisions, Daniel provides leaders with NEW and INNOVATIVE DISC SCIENCES to become better leaders.

Thanks to his extensive partnerships, Daniel has gathered the most admired and respected DISC technologies in one place.

With DISC, you can quickly understand; 

  1. Your Strengths and how to apply them to make a massive impact 
  2. The most effective working environment to increase your income 
  3. Learn how to reduce stress and make better decisions to become more attractive to the world. 
  4. Team Building: Influence your team to control their own destiny 
  5. Say goodbye to your old self and end to procrastination. Develop your emotional intelligence to become a better leader. 
  6. Upgrade your communication skills with the latest techniques in persuasion and influence so your customers and colleagues follow your advice 
  7. Set the right goals for your personality! Join the top 3% of leaders who have clear set goals and earn 10X more than the other 97%

With the Science of DISC there will be no guesswork about your strengths, talents, and potential limitations.

You will have evidence-based technologies that provide you with absolute clarity and confidence, enabling you to know more about yourself in seconds than years of trying to figure it out through trial and error.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Daniel Tolson’s Scientific Tools are backed by a complete 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the results, let us know, and we will promptly process a refund. We can’t think of anything more fair and reasonable than that.

Learn from the result!
(not the climb)

Over the last 28 years, Daniel has launched, led, and built million-dollar businesses. He has delivered over 10,000 scientific case studies on business leaders, co-led a team of 17,500 cabin crew at Emirates Airlines, coached more than 25,000 leaders to make an impact, authored 13 business books, become an Australian champion athlete and X-Games competitor, ranked among the top 10 real estate sales creators in Australia, won the Brian Tracy Rookie Business Coach of The Year award, directed the best-selling pro wakeboarding film “Immunity”, and made $100,000,000 for his clients in the past 3 years.

When Daniel teaches, he provides NEW and innovative ideas that produce immediate RESULTS.

A Microsoft leader, implementing Daniel’s strategies, propelled sales by an astonishing RM 138,000,000.

Kings Transport, within 90 days, surged from 36% to 86% team utilization, achieving a remarkable $261 million in revenues.

Regal Mushrooms avoided 50 bad hires, doubling revenues to $90,000,000. 

Wearthy’s strategic hires transformed their individual sales from $5,000 to $500,000.

Salmat Australia, adopting Daniel’s system, experienced a 75% surge in monthly revenue within 60 days.

Daniel’s methods will instil in you newfound excitement and hope for a better future.

More PRACTICAL IDEAS per minute
than any other coach!

Trusted across the globe

Do what doctors do!

New and Innovative Technologies


Socrates once said: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

With this personalized and comprehensive report, DISC gives you tools to help you become a better leader – to develop and use more of your natural strengths while recognizing, improving upon, and modifying your limitations.

Then, because we can easily see and hear these behaviors, we can quickly and accurately “read” other people and use our knowledge to enhance communication and grow our relationships.

Our DISC Technology will help you to become a better leader.

Look Inside a DISC Report

Benchmark Profile

“It’s like having a crystal ball. 

Have you ever thought about how helpful it would be to know if a candidate will succeed or fail before you hire them?

The DISC benchmark report can help you with that. It assesses candidates by measuring their typical behavioral style and then matches it with the behaviors that are associated with success in the job.

This report provides valuable insights into the candidate’s potential strengths and possible risks.

Our Benchmark Technology provides an accurate ranking of candidates based on their match to the job requirements.


“Reduce the risk of making a bad hire by up to 93%.”

Just like an Executive Summary for a business plan provides a thorough, concise overview of the project, this report is designed to combine and connect the results of the behavioral, motivational, and thinking style assessments in one simple, practical, and applicable tool.

This report offers insight into:

  1. the individual’s behavioral and communication tendencies,
  2. what can drive action toward, away, or against others based on values,
  3. how an individual’s processing ability affects the decisions they make and their ability to think critically and
  4. the level of retention risk they introduce to your organisation

Picture yourself in six months, happier on your journey, and becoming the best version of yourself.

Daniel can provide his clients with
breakthroughs that they are unable to achieve on their own.

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