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🔥Strategic Branding and Messaging

🔥Resourceful Marketing in Early Stages

🔥Consistent and Quality Marketing Efforts


In the journey of business growth, strategic branding, and thoughtful messaging lay the foundation. Establishing a unique identity, crafting compelling messages, and maintaining a consistent brand personality are pivotal. As the business progresses, a blend of tactics, such as high-quality photos, engaging social media presence, and a mix of organic and paid strategies, becomes crucial. Consistency across platforms, coupled with resourcefulness in marketing efforts, proves essential, with the understanding that success is a result of persistent, quality-driven efforts over time.

About the guest

Founder of VIVO Marketing, The Creator Circle, and Integrated Vitality Retreats, Laura Craig is a seasoned marketer, trainer, and coach with over 18 years of experience in corporate and startup environments. Passionate about injecting innovative strategies into businesses, Laura combines big brand expertise with efficient execution. Her competitive edge lies in maximizing budgets while leaving a lasting impact on the companies she works with. Laura’s diverse background in psychology and extensive training in methodologies make her a dynamic force in the world of marketing. Join her as she shares valuable insights on building successful marketing plans and accelerating business growth.

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