In this episode, you’ll learn. 

🔥 The significance of proactive engagement

🔥 The power of niche specialization

🔥 The pivotal role of a comprehensive go-to-market strategy 


In the dynamic realm of business buying, the impact of changing buyer behavior is profound. As professionals, especially in the domain of Professional Services, business buyers are now engaging in extensive independent research before interacting with sales representatives. This shift emphasizes the crucial need for a strategic approach to marketing and sales, aligning with the evolving expectations of sophisticated buyers.

About the guest

Michael Haynes, a seasoned SME Business Growth Specialist, is dedicated to empowering CEOs and Business Owners of Small and Medium-Sized Professional Service Firms. With a global consultancy reach spanning Australia, Canada, the United States, and Dubai, Michael brings a wealth of expertise in helping businesses acquire and retain B2B clients. As a keynote speaker for prestigious organizations and featured guest on renowned international podcasts, Michael shares his insights on unlocking growth opportunities and driving sales. His work has been recognized in leading publications, and he is the author of “Listen Innovate Grow: A Guidebook for SMEs and Start-Ups to Acquire and Grow Business (B2B) Customers.” Beyond his professional pursuits, Michael is a passionate track and field fan, doubling as a stats nerd, and finds joy in exploring new places while spending quality time with family and friends.

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