"All businesses want to hire
the right person the first time!"

- Daniel will show you how -

“Working with Daniel, you’re guaranteed to increase your sales and income quickly in the months ahead."
Brian Tracy
Author of over eighty books.
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One goal

You have a goal: To hire the right person, the first time.

If you’re a business that is hiring, then over the next 17 minutes, Daniel is going to share with you the exact three components that he’s helped implement in Ray White to avoid 21 bad hires and generate more than $7,000,000 in fees with no additional cost to the business

Daniel is going to make this happen with you…

"With Daniel it's going to be
bigger and better than ever!"

How can he achieve this?

It’s because he’s mastered the technology to identify high performers and avoid bad hires.

The truth is, fully 95% of business success is going to come down to attracting and keeping the right people …… and Daniel, is going to show you how to do this with no additional cost to your business.

Take a look at what Daniel has done for other leaders and what he will do with you.

Microsoft leaders, implementing Daniel's strategies, propelled sales by RM138,000,000.
98 Million
Since seeking guidance from Daniel, Regal Mushrooms has improved its bottom line by $45 million.
$ 50 Millon
Within 12 months of seeking guidance from Daniel, Ray White experienced a 67% increase in income
53 %

When it comes to hiring the right person the first time, Daniel will have you thinking in terms of:

  1. Remove the Bias
  2. Reduce the Risk & 
  3. Results in Second


It doesn’t matter what role you are hiring for or the size of your business. 

Daniel is going to do this with you…

Daniel Tolson - Business Coach - Client Testimonial by Sharnee Bennett
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NEW and innovative!

You want to hire the right person the first time!!

Over the past 20 years, Daniel has successfully used this system to launch, lead, and turn around million-dollar businesses.

He has delivered over 10,000 scientific case studies on top performers, co-lead a team of 17,500 cabin crew at Emirates Airlines, and has over 25,000 leaders apply his ideas.

And he knows from hands-on experience when you implement these new ideas, you will hire the right person the first time!

Sound familiar? You're not alone.

"I spend my days putting out spot fires"

"I say one thing but act in another way altogether"

"I know I'm putting my energy into the wrong places"

"I often speak before thinking"

"I tend to hire the wrong kind of people"

"I struggle to let go and delegate work to others"

"I know I'm playing it safe and not fulfilling my potential"

"I don't feel rewarded for all the effort I feel like I'm putting in"

"I manage my business day-to-day because I don't have a plan to grow it"

All businesses fear hiring the wrong people!

In order to hire the right person the first time, Daniel will guide you through three components that make it possible.

After working with organizations of all sizes, Daniel knows the process to:

  1. Reduce the risk of making a bad hire by up to 93%. 
  2. Improve retention by 300%. 
  3. Have top talent lining up to work with you!

After being improved by Daniel, his clients are ADMIRED and ENVIED by their peers.

All eyes will be upon you!

To achieve sustainability, Daniel will guide you through the steps to develop a clear strategy. He understands that not everyone is confident enough to make changes on their own, so he will help you effectively implement the necessary changes.

Daniel’s strategy will outline how to outlast your competitors and build a legacy so your business runs even after you are no longer there. 

Daniel will be there to assist you every step of the way to ensure that everything is done correctly and efficiently.

Be the best you can be.

A Microsoft leader, implementing Daniel’s strategies, propelled sales by an astonishing RM 138,000,000.

Kings Transport, within 90 days, surged from 36% to 86% team utilization, achieving a remarkable $261 million in revenues.

Regal Mushrooms avoided 50 bad hires, doubling revenues to $90,000,000. 

Wearthy’s strategic hires transformed their individual sales from $5,000 to $500,000.

Salmat Australia, adopting Daniel’s system, experienced a 75% surge in monthly revenue within 60 days.

Daniel’s methods will instil in you newfound excitement and hope for a better future.


Increased revenues by 75% in 60 days.

Loan Market

200% sales improvement in 120 days.

Two Red Shoes Mortgage Brokers

50% business growth every year.

Ray White

350% increase in sales revenue.

The Agency

$50,000 increase in commissions per month.

Noble Live In Care

$23,159 weekly sales improvement.


€1,090,000 sales increase in 3 weeks.

Sam Evans

9000% increase in sales.

Le Reve

190% profit improvement in 90 days.

Kings Transport

50% increase in team utilisation.

Regal Mushrooms

$45,000,000 revenue increase.

Raine & Horne Rouse Hill

46% profit improvement.

LJ Hooker

6 new sales and listings within 7 days.


3 employees to 100 in 2.5 years.

Microsoft Malaysia

RM 138,000,000 in new sales.

Becoming a
is the right thing to do!

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Thursday 18th July 2019


8:30am to 5pm


Adina Hotel, Kent Street, Sydney

After being improved by Daniel, you will be ADMIRED and ENVIED by others.

Daniel will make you a better leader with skills that can be learned, practised, and improved.

You will be learning new ideas that the top companies use to improve their hiring processes. Daniel will help you become a more well-rounded, balanced, and adaptable leader.

In the keynote, you will learn how:

1. American Express, hired based on emotional intelligence and grew their business by 18.1%.

2. Discover how MetLife Insurance sold 37% more life insurance policies by identifying optimism during the hiring process.

3. See how the US Air Force saved $3 million annually by hiring with emotional intelligence competencies.

4. Say goodbye to bad hires and hello to 300% greater retention

5. Learn how to command attention by building a winning team!

After being improved by Daniel, you will be ADMIRED and ENVIED by others.

Picture yourself in six months, happier on the journey, and becoming the best version of yourself.

Daniel can provide his clients with
breakthroughs that they are unable to achieve on their own.

Have a conversation with Daniel's team today

It's the right thing to do!