Re-aligning your Energy in your HOME?

I’ve had a great time on JP Taxman’s podcast – The Total Home Experience.  JP Taxman is passionate about creating experiences that ignite joy and positivity, especially in your home. He made it a mission to create wiser, more joyful cities. I am grateful to be joining his podcast, and thrilled as JP and I talk about Feng Shui and also emotional hot spots in the home and how we need to be intentional about where we create them.  It was definitely a breath of fresh air to be able to bring light to these matters, as our home is our safe space – the very core of any happy household! From your thoughts down to re-arranging your furniture, I am sure that this episode will get you thinking – “Why haven’t I thought of that…”

Check out this podcast I was on and get a quick glimpse into my home life. 


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